Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (2023)

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (1)

If you want to mask a wall, fence or building, or distract attention with an unsightly view, fast-growing vines are an effective solution. By using plants that naturally want to grow upwards or that can be trained to climb wires, arbors and fences, you can create a living display that is both practical and beautiful.

Annuals are usually easy to grow from seed and provide a quick dose of flowering power in the summer. From the classic country sugar pea and Black-eyed Susan, to the more exotic Mexican purple vines and Chilean glory flower, there are plenty of colorful vines to choose from, and let's not forget the humble nasturtium that can be encouraged to grow and through other plants. You can even try growing edible annuals like climbing beans on a trellis for summer interest.

Many perennial vines also grow well soon after spring planting. For example, most summer-flowering clematis reward with flowers in the first season. but choose yoursfast growing plantsadjust carefully to your space as the most vigorous perennials can take over in a few years. Don't be fooled by Russian Vine's claims of high speed, or miles per minute, for very good reason, unless you have a large space or structure to cover.

10 fast-growing climbing plants for every garden

Many fast-growing vines will give you good cover in one season if successfulideas for sifting the gardenyou are in need. But when planning vertical greenery, consider using a mix of slower-growing plants like Star Jasmine perennial as an evergreen, paired with faster-growing annuals for contrast. Different shapes, colors and textures of the leaves and different flowering times will create a wonderful tapestry effect.

1. Akebia quinata

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (2)

  • Better for:Lattices, gazebos and fences, semi-evergreen leaves

  • Height:30 pancakes

  • Desparramar:6-10 pancakes

  • Vigor:USDA 5-9

Semi-evergreen, with woody stemsclimbing plant, this requires space to move around and managesmaller yards.

It looks good planted near seating areas or front doors, where you will notice small spring blooms and catch a subtle scent. These are deep burgundy in color or choose a creamy "white chocolate" variety. It is characterized by good resistance to drought, pests and diseases.

2. Climbing guinea pig

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (3)

  • Better for:Trellises, pergolas, pollinators

  • Height:10-20 pancakes

  • Desparramar:1-2 cakes

  • Vigor:USDA 9-10

This is a great annual or tenderherbit is easy to grow from seed and quickly climbs over supports or outgrows other plants with its self-twisting tendrils.

Grow from seed and plant in fertile soil and full sun, in containers or in beds. Within 16 weeks, the first of the huge bell-shaped flowers will appear. They will keep coming until the first frost and perhaps even later in protected urban gardens.

Mesmerizingly beautiful from bud to seed, you can grow both the purple variety and the 'Alba' variety.

3. Passion fruit vine

  • Better for:Productive screens, pollinators, fences, pergolas, trellises

  • Height:20-30 cookies

  • Desparramar:20-30 cookies

  • Vigor:USDA 9-11

With gorgeous foliage, impressive, fragrant flowers and, in the right climate, delicious fruit, the passion flower is fantasticfast growing flowering vine.

With a lean habit, they need space to spread out and good support. They are tropical, semi-evergreen natives, but sensitive in winter-exposed gardens.

There are many beautiful varieties to choose from.Nature Hills poleca „Possum Purple”y'Sweet Morning'. While they are generally self-fertile, experts recommend hand pollination to encourage fruit set.

4. honeysuckle

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (5)

  • Better for:Hummingbirds falling on the walls

  • Height:10 pancakes

  • Desparramar:5 cakes

  • Vigor:USDA 4-8

Climbinghoneysuckleare prized for their sweet-smelling summer flowers, plus they are wonderfula flower that attracts hummingbirds. The native species of North America is Lonicera sempervirens. They are hardy plants, suitable for sun and partial shade, they do not suffer from pests and diseases.

Pruning is not necessary except to modify the natural growth pattern; solid support from a wall or fence is required. Flowers appear on new and old growths.

Vivero white flower farmrecommends the cultivation of honeysuckle "on a fence or other support, or in the form of small trees".

Nature Hills Major Wheeler Vine Honeysucklefeatures exotic red flowers that bloom all summer longHoneysuckle Vine 'Scentsation' from fast-growing treesit has more subtle cream flowers.

5. Sweet peas

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (6)

  • Better for:Smell, containers and boundaries

  • Height:6 pancakes

  • Desparramar:2 cakes

  • Vigor:USDA 2-11

One of the classic fast-growing summer climbing plants,fragrant brickit's a fabulous fragranceannual flowerIn addition, it makes a great home cut flower.

Available in countless pastel shades or stronger reds and purples, she is easy to grow from seed. For best results whengrowing sweet pea, plant in autumn and winter indoors or in spring. Alternatively, order ready-made seedlings.

They grow in full sun and fertile soil, with a wooden wigwam or metal pyramid in a large container or border to add structure, height and color. You can also grow them inlattice planterif you want to create themprivacy on the patioin summer.

6. Potato vine

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (7)

  • Better for:pergolas and porches

  • Height:25 pancakes

  • Desparramar:15 pancakes

  • Vigor:USDA 9-11

Not an edible root to watch, the potato vine is a leafy hedge with pretty white or purple flowers. Good for sun and partial shade, they will decorate quicklypergolasand porches, adding shade and ornaments.

Easy to care for, they tolerate dry conditions once established, and may be more so in warmer areasevergreen climberbecause they will cling to their leaves during the colder months.

Thanks to the long flowering season in the summer, they are hard-working plants. To chooseSolanum jasminoidesfor white flowers (available at Nature Hills)oare curly'Glasnevin' for light purple flowers with yellow centers.

7. Trumpet Vine

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (8)

  • Better for:Cover garden buildings

  • Height:40 pies

  • Desparramar:20 cakes

  • Vigor:USDA 4-9

if you likeattract hummingbirds to your garden, this is a fast-growing climbing plant for you because birds are irresistible. It's also easy to see why, as the bright red trumpet-shaped tropical flowers that gave this climber its name are simply stunning.

Native to North America, it is a vigorous, fast-growing plant that curls up and clings to walls and fences. It's a beautiful way to transform an unsightly shed or backyard building into an exotic focal point.

It prefers full sun but is also shade tolerant and very easy to care for. It's pretty good once it's fixeddrought tolerant plantAlso. It is also available in an attractive golden yellow'Flava', available in Nature Hills.

8. Spanish flag

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (9)

  • Better for:containers

  • Height:15 pancakes

  • Desparramar:12 pancakes

  • Vigor:USDA 9-11

It is an annual resident of Mexico and a member of the clematis family, which includes both invasive speciesViolet ipomoeaand sweet potatoes. Spanish flag orIpomoea lobatait is one of the most unusual and brightly colored species.

The two-tone yellow and red flowers, produced from mid-summer to the first frost, live up to their name as the firecracker vine.

Sow seeds in spring and plant incontainer gardenwith a wigwam or metal grate for support. Great for adding height to warm colored borders. Will die in winter.

9. The vine of knowledge

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (10)

  • Better for:autumn leaf color

  • Height:50 pancakes

  • Desparramar:20 cakes

  • Vigor:USDA 6-9

A fantastic, fast-growing climbing plant that provides rich textured wall and wall coveragegarden fences. The leathery leaves turn a deep, glossy garnet red in fall, earning it the name Crimson Glory Vine.

It is very vigorous and will grow very large in the summer before producing small, inedible grapes. They grow in full sun or partial shade in fertile soilTypes of soil.

10. Kiwi has arrived

Fast-growing climbing plants: 10 eye-catching options for a fast-growing hedge and privacy (11)

  • Better for:production gardens

  • Height:12 pancakes

  • Desparramar:5 cakes

  • Vigor:USDA 3-8

If you are looking for a beautiful, bushy fruiting vine, look no further than the kiwi. Suitable for plots of all sizes, it will suit a pergola, trellis or fence, as long as it is a sunny, sheltered place.

Self-fertile species recommended bynatural hills,Actinidia arguta"Isaiah", you'll be rewarded with a foam of fragrant, pollinator-friendly spring flowers, followed by loads of products.

It is a quick and easy climber to grow, adapting to a variety of soil types and requiring minimal pruning during the winter to maintain size and shape. For a more decorative leaf effect, try a non-fruiting varietyActinidia kolomikta, also from the Hills of Nature, with pink and white variegated leaves.

What is the fastest growing perennial creeper?

At various speed levels, ivy will provide lush green cover all year round. Self-adhesive plants will grow on walls and fences and are great for masking unsightly structures or mesh fencing, and are also suitable for shady areas.

However, once they gain a foothold, they can become bullies andinvasive plantsand I would not recommend planting ivy in smaller gardens without a rigorous maintenance schedule.

A variety of foliage types such as Hedera helix 'Sulfur Heart' or 'Oro di Bogliasco' have impressive ornamental foliage, and while the ivy flowers and berries are often overlooked, they provide another level of ornamental interest at different times of the year as well as being a beneficial addition to Awild animal garden.

What is the best fast-growing climbing plant to cover a fence?

It may take a season or two to fully establish, but a fence covered with Star Jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminoides, looks elegant, elegant and smells so good that it is worth waiting a little longer.

This iscreeper in bloomit is good for fencing and ideal for smaller gardens as it will dress them steadily without losing too much control and can be managed with light trimming and training with wire or trellis. It provides an evergreen hedge with leaves that sometimes take on a warm red fall color as an added feature.

What is the easiest fast-growing climbing plant to grow?

It is impossible to think of planting vines without mentioning clematis. As experts from White Flower Farm say: "Beautiful colors, extravagance of flowers and graceful habit are no match for clematis, the queen of flowering vines."

easygrow clematisif you follow some golden rules. Plant in a sunny border with the roots in the shade and fertilize regularly throughout the growing season and they will be rewarded with lush growth and lots of flowers. There is one for almost every situation and color scheme. There are winter-blooming clematis, evergreen leaves, large and small flowers in spring, summer and autumn.

Try it in summer with large, richly colored flowersClematis 'Jackmanii' (available on fast-growing trees)or 'Rosemoor Giardini'. They should be cut in spring to two buds and trained through a trellis, pyramid or above the gazebo and through a climbing rose.

For fast, easy growth and abundant flowering until autumn, followed by fluffy inflorescences,Sweet Autumn Clematis paniculata (available in Nature Hills), it will cope with half-shade.

These fast-growing climbing plants are the perfect choice for climbing a wall or fence for upright color and privacy. But so is the selectionfast growing ground cover plantsofast growing shrubs, it's important to consider the possible height and placement of your chosen plant to ensure it fits in your space. Be prepared to prune and groom your vine to keep it from growing out of control.


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