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Choosing glasses can be a difficult task as you try to find a style that you like and that looks good on your face. Depending on bone structure, facial features, and eyebrows, glasses will look different on each person. The most important determinant of how glasses will look on your face depends on your eyebrows.

With the exception of large frames, glasses should not normally cover the eyebrows. They are focal points for expressing emotion and can help enhance the overall look of your glasses. While frames that cover the brows are not ideal, fully visible brows do not fit properly inside glasses.

Read on as we "uncover" the brow-covering debate and why most experts recommend finding a pair that allows you to show all or part of your brows.

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As you can see in the images above, the debate is over. Glasses should never cover the eyebrows. And the glasses in no case should be higher than the eyebrows.

Eyewear Fitting Philosophies

If your glasses cover your eyebrows, don't panic! While not ideal for cosmetic reasons, covering up won't affect your vision. If you currently have glasses that cover your brows and have been thinking about getting a new frame, consider leaving your brows visible for your next pair.

Adjust glasses with eyebrows.

Her glasses are not only a vision aid, but also serve as an accessory that allows her to emphasize facial features. There are a few key elements that fitters use to create the ideal transition between your glasses and your face. Many of these principles directly use the size and shape of your eyebrows to help you choose the best option for your glasses.

When choosing glasses, these are the following elements that must be taken into account with your eyebrows:

  • The frames should match the shape of the eyebrow.: Your glasses should be parallel to the shape of your brows for maximum symmetry and cohesive flow. If the eyebrows don't match the glasses, it can be distracting or make the glasses look out of place.
  • Allow at least half of your eyebrows to appear above the frame:To create the aforementioned flow, allow at least half the thickness of your brow to show through the frame. The frames can still partially cover the brow while maintaining the ideal symmetry and aesthetics between your glasses and your face.
  • Choose frames of thickness opposite to the eyebrows:As a general rule, thinner brows look better with thicker frames, while thick brows should opt for a medium to thin frame. Certain frames, while fashionable, can overwhelm the face when paired thick with thick or prevent glasses from standing out.

Eyebrows are an essential factor in finding the right glasses, but they shouldn't be the only determining factor in the style and fit you choose. Make sure yoursThe glasses sit on the bridge of the nose., showing how much of the brow they actually cover. Your face shape can also dictate which styles best accentuate your features.

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Taking into account the shape of the face and eyebrows.

The shape of the face is another important factor that works closely with the eyebrows to find the right glasses. Selecting frames based on face shape helps to emphasize or hide the angles of the face with the angles of the glasses. The brow principles still apply and the glasses must maintain the same shape as the frame.

Here are some important tips for choosing glasses based on your face shape:

  • Oval:These are the most versatile face shapes for glasses and often work well with statement frames. Wider frames are ideal for splitting the length of the face. Look for rectangular or square frames that add some structure to the face.
  • Redondo:Since round faces often lack corners, use their frames to create them. Choose narrower or more pointed lenses to add structure. Rectangular or square shapes add extra lines that your face shape may be missing.
  • Herz:Choose glasses that draw attention to the lower part of the frame to make your chin appear longer or wider. Try oval or round frames with limited design elements.
  • Square:Round and oval frames work best on square faces. Remember that if your eyebrows are not arched, you should opt for straight-tipped lenses. Rounded and outlined lenses create a beautiful balance between the frame and the shape of the face.
  • Diamante:The goal is to accentuate your eyes and not your already wide cheekbones. You can do this with frames that accentuate the upper half and ones that are wide or draw attention upwards. Oval and round glasses help to soften your face and draw attention to your eyes.

These recommendations apply to both men and women, but some styles may be more suited to one gender than another. Schedule a trial with a professional or try on the frames virtually to match your face to the correct frame.

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Is it bad that glasses cover the eyebrows?

As mentioned above, if your glasses cover your eyebrows, it's not a big deal. This can actually be done on purpose if you choose a bold or large frame designed to stand out. Her sunglasses often cover her eyebrows completely as well, especially since the shading on the frames hides them.

It is recommended that your glasses not cover your eyebrows to enhance the overall appearance of the glasses on your face and to allow you to show off all features, including your eyebrows.

Eyebrows serve an important purpose in addition to protecting the eyes from moisture and light. They play a crucial role in communication as they are an important way of expressing emotions. Others can better understand our moods and feelings when they are visible. They are also required for facial recognition, which could be difficult without them.

Unless you want to hide your emotions or remain anonymous, eyebrows serve an essential purpose in non-verbal communication. Others may have to rely more on other facial expressions or verbal cues to balance out their masked brows.

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What should you do if the glasses cover your eyebrows?

There are two solutions to consider if the glasses cover your eyebrows. Since the glasses are quite expensive, you can also try to accentuate the eyebrows behind the frames. If you like your look with covered brows, you don't need to make these changes.

Consider these options to make your brows stand out from behind frames:

  • Thicken or accentuate the eyebrows: Growing out your eyebrows or applying makeup can help your eyebrows stand out behind glasses. Filling in with a brow pencil or applying highlights and contouring around the brow can draw more attention. You can use brow gels to keep unruly brows in place or to show them off.
  • Try new frames: You can compare different looks by looking at other frames that follow our brow guidelines. Glasses may look better on your face if you show your eyebrows.

Although for some looks they are not the most important factor when choosing their glasses, many people choose specific frames as an accessory or fashion piece to complete their face. Covering your brows may not hurt, but it may prevent you from showing one of your important facial features.

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glasses and eyebrows

This article has highlighted the important role that eyebrows play in finding the right glasses for your face. While we often see the shape of the face as the most important thing when choosing a frame, the brows are the unsung heroes that determine the shape of the frame's top edges. They help maintain symmetry and balance in your face so your glasses and brows stand out.


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