How to make iced tea from tea bags - the right and wrong way (2023)

Iced tea is a refreshing drink that can ward off the effects of the heat second only to water. You see bottles of iced tea in branded stores like Lipton and AriZona that offer instant gratification. Some of these iced teas are infused with additional flavors that enhance the flavor and provide a more enjoyable treat. Unfortunately, most of these bottled drinks are full of extra sugar or additives that help them wait longer for the buyer.

If you've ever been to the South, you know it's possible to make your own iced tea with no frills added. Southern sweet tea is still a popular drink in many states, but many people don't know how to make their own iced tea (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Most hot tea drinkers are familiar with pre-packaged tea bags available in most stores. Much like iced tea in convenience stores, tea bags come in many brands with proprietary formulas. Tea bags traditionally prepare a cup of hot tea by dipping the bag into a cup of hot water.

While this is exactly what the tea bags were designed for, they have an additional use. It is possible to use tea bags to soak a pot of iced tea, but the process requires careful attention to avoid making a mistake. The question is, what is the correct way to prepare iced tea from a traditional tea bag?

Step 1: Find out what kind of tea to use

There are several different types of tea, some of which come from completely different plants. The most common plant used to grow tea leaves isCamellia sinensiswhich is responsible for the growth of white, green, black, yellow and oolong tea leaves. With one plant capable of growing 5 varieties of tea leaves, people often have to decide which one they want.

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Each variant has different characteristics that make it easier to choose your favorite, but you may have to make a harder choice if you want to make an iced tea. Preparing a drink means making sure you have the right ingredients so that the flavor and texture meet expectations. For various reasons, most commercially available iced teas use black tea leaves as the base of the drink.

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black teais a special variant of the tea from which it growsC. sinenzaplants and differs from others in that it oxidizes. Black tea leaves have the highest oxidation of the 5 types that growC. sinenza. This oxidation led to a higher concentration of the nutrients that make the tea beneficial and changed the flavor profile to be much stronger.

A stronger flavor profile means that the iced tea will have a stronger flavor, making the drink more enjoyable when properly seasoned. While black tea leaves are the most common variant of iced tea, it is possible to prepare iced tea with green, white or oolong. Each of these 4 varieties makes the best version of iced tea and can be used interchangeably.

Step 2: Collect the tea bags

The next step in brewing iced tea with tea bags is to assemble them together so you can do this. The best way to make iced tea is to brew a full pot, not to prepare it in individual servings. You can brew one cup at a time, but as a general rule, choose a full carafe.

How to make iced tea from tea bags - the right and wrong way (2)

If you plan to make a whole pot, you should collect 3-4 large tea bags, but you may need to add more depending on the size of the bags or pot. It would be better to have several tea bags as just one will not soak the entire pot. Larger bags are also recommended as too many small bags can overfill the pitcher and compromise aspect ratio.

Many large bags, which do not overfill the carafe, ensure that the tea is evenly distributed in the water. If you insist on brewing your tea in single servings, smaller teabags may be more beneficial as they fit in one cup. Once you have collected the tea bags, you can proceed to the next step.

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Step 3: Heat the water

This may sound counter-intuitive since the goal is to make iced tea, but you'll want to make hot water if you want the process to succeed. Hot water is traditionally used to prepare hot tea, thanks to which the drink retains its temperature, but it has another important function. The hot water makes the tea absorb into the water quickly and doesn't lose any of the nutrients stored in the leaves.

How to make iced tea from tea bags - the right and wrong way (3)

Cold water is an option, but it will take longer to brew and may lose its nutritional value because not all of the water will be filtered. The best way to heat water is to add it to a pot or pan and heat it on the stove until it boils. Depending on the tea you use, you need to make sure that the water stays within a certain temperature range.

Therefore, it is useful to have a thermometer on hand to monitor the temperature of the water at all times. If you're using black tea, you should be fine keeping the water between 200° and 212° Fahrenheit. You should aim for a range of 180° to 190° Fahrenheit for softer teas.

If the water temperature is too high, the nutrients may boil or causetanninsleach (the latter causes bitterness). When the water reaches the desired temperature, turn off the heating immediately and put the tea bags in the teapot immediately. If you want the most accurate results, consider purchasing a temperature-controlled kettle to keep full control of the water temperature. If not, using a thermometer as mentioned above is the best chance to keep the water temperature at the right level.

Step 4: Allow the tea bags to soak

Once the tea bags are in the hot water, it becomes the fun of waiting for the tea leaves to steep and the nutrients to mix with the water. This is generally the easiest part of the process as it is all about letting nature take its course. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you can leave your tea unattended if you want to ensure the best results.

We mentioned that overheating the water can leach out the tannins and lead to a bitter tasting tea. The same problem arises when tea bags are left to infuse for too long. Do not allow the tea to brew for more than 5 minutes to prevent the tannins from leaching out. However, you also need to make sure that the tea has enough time to mix with the water, which usually takes 3 minutes.

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So you have 3-5 minutes to brew your tea without compromising the process. Usually 3 minutes is enough to get the flavor you want, but you should test the mix every 30 seconds to make sure the flavor meets your expectations. If after 3 minutes the taste is not what you want, you can let it sit for 2 more minutes.

If you've ever brewed tea, you know that the steeping process is the most important part as it creates the tea. Therefore, it is important to monitor the taste of the mixture as it is steeped; otherwise, you can waste perfectly good tea bags. Once the tea is done soaking, you need to quickly move on to the next step.

Step 5: Add more water

Once the tea is done soaking, quickly pour the mixture into the pot you intend to serve it from. Once the tea is in the pot, leave it at room temperature for 5-10 minutes to cool. You may be tempted to chill the tea in the refrigerator to speed up the process, but this may degrade the quality of the tea as cooling takes place later.

After the tea has cooled, add 2 cups of cold water to the mixture and stir to mix the cold water with the tea at room temperature. After mixing the cold water, put the jug in the fridge and let it sit for 2 hours. This will start the cooling process, turning your mix into iced tea instead of hot or lukewarm tea.

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After the cooling process is complete, the tea is ready to be served. Fill your glasses with ice (hence the term "iced tea") and pour in the iced tea. To add style, you can decorate the glasseslemon slicesor mint leaves. They can also modify the taste without adding unnecessary sugar or sweeteners. From there, it's as simple as enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Extra step: add fruit

If iced tea is not your style, you can enrich the drink with additional flavors and create a drink of your own taste. People who prefer sweet tea may want to add extra flavor to the mix so they don't drink the tea alone.

Fortunately, there is a way to do this without relying on artificial sweeteners or lots of sugar. The garnish we mentioned in step 5 can be used to slightly alter the flavor, but for a sweeter drink, you can brew your tea with fruit. Fruit-infused iced tea is very popular and often preferred over traditional iced tea as it adds extra flavor and reduces the lingering bitterness of the tea's natural flavor. This is especially sensible with black tea as it has the strongest flavor profile of all.C. sinenzatea.

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The best part is that you have many options when it comes to fruits that go well with tea. Despite the new shape, the tea comes from the leaves and goes well with the fruit.

How to make iced tea from tea bags - the right and wrong way (6)

Some of the more common iced tea options with fruit infusion include:

  • raspberries
  • Marakuja
  • peaches
  • cherries

These fruits blend well with the natural flavor of tea and can add a bit more sweetness to your drink without the need for excess sugar. Brewing tea with fruit is not too complicated and you can do it by following the 5 steps above. First, add ½ cup of sugar to the infusion in the jug.

While you may want to avoid adding sugar, ½ cup is less compared to the amount used in commercial iced tea. After adding the sugar, cut the fruit of your choice and add 1 cup to the infusion (if you want to use several fruits, use the same measuring cup with equal parts of the fruit you want). Stir the fruit and tea together until the flavors are fully melded and serve as usual.

After all, making iced tea is not extremely difficult, but it does require some culinary knowledge. The biggest challenge is getting a decent blend of teas so you can enjoy the best iced tea possible.

Find the right mix

Making your own iced tea is a great way to avoid falling into the health trap of commercially available iced teas. Beverages such as Brisk and AriZona often contain added sugar or sweeteners that can dilute the value of the drink. If you're new to making your own iced tea, you might mess up the first few pots, but following these steps will minimize your failure rate (remember, making mistakes in the kitchen is okay as long as you learn from them). ). The real trick is getting your tea blend from a reputable supplier.

How to make iced tea from tea bags - the right and wrong way (7)

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At Teami, we have long been associated with tea and believe that it is one of our best assets for improving our health. Our dedication to pure tea is so strong that we have compiled a catalog of different tea blends. we offermixtureswho use green tea, black tea, oolong and even matcha to help you create the best iced tea possible. We recommend visiting our website and browsing our catalog to find the mix that suits you best. After all, finding the right mix is ​​a team effort.


Do you double the tea bags for iced tea? ›

Simply follow the regular directions, but brew double the amount of tea bags. Let your hot tea cool somewhat before adding ice.

How do you make iced tea with cold water and tea bags? ›

How to Make Iced Tea
  1. Brew the Tea: In a saucepan, bring half the water to boil and remove it from heat. ...
  2. Remove the Tea Bags: Remove the tea bags from the hot water. ...
  3. Add the Cold Water: Add the remaining cold water to the hot tea and whisk. ...
  4. Serve: Serve the tea over ice with lemon slices and fresh mint.
Jul 20, 2021

How long do you soak tea bags for iced tea? ›

Watch the clock. (Don't let the tea steep too long.) Check your package instructions, but typically 3 to 5 minutes of steeping should be enough for any black tea being used to make iced tea. Beyond that, you'll lose some of that delicate tea flavor and will be getting into bitter tea territory.

How many tea bags to water for iced tea? ›

To brew one quart of iced tea, heat two cups of water to 200 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit for black tea. Add four tea bags (or four tablespoons of loose-leaf tea in a tea infuser), and steep for three to five minutes.

Do tea bags work in ice water? ›

Do Tea Bags Work in Cold Water? You can make tea with cold water when you are using cold brewing tea bags and water boosters, which have tea bags that are manufactured to work for cold water steeped infusion. Cold brew infusion takes a bit longer to steep than the hot brewing process.

Should you boil water for iced tea? ›

Use filtered water

It is important to always use filtered water - never distilled - when making iced tea, as well as filtered water in your ice. Temperature also makes a discernible difference. It's ideal to use water that is just under boiling, around 190-195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you use any tea bag for iced tea? ›

Iced tea can be made out of regular tea bags and loose leaf tea, or large tea bags made specifically for pitchers of iced tea. Black tea is commonly used for iced tea, but white tea, green tea, and oolong tea also work particularly well over ice without losing flavor integrity or aroma.

Can you put two tea bags in one cup? ›

Yes, you can put two tea bags in your tea if you'd like a stronger flavor or a more pronounced tea taste. You should keep in mind that adding two tea bags will double the amount of caffeine and other ingredients in your tea, so it's best to not overdo it.

What happens if you put a tea bag in cold water? ›

Brewing tea in cold water releases from the tea leaves fewer compounds that make the tea taste less astringent and bitter. Cold brew tea contains twice less caffeine as hot tea. The lower water temperature extracts less caffeine from the tea leaves.

Is it better to make iced tea with hot or cold water? ›

Use Hot Water

For the most part, iced tea should be brewed using hot water because it develops flavors more quickly than cold water. Hot water also tends to draw out more nuanced flavor than cold water.

How long to steep tea bag in cold water? ›

In a mason jar or other sealed vessel of your choice, add tea and cover with 8 ounces of cold water. Let steep in the fridge for 10 – 16 hours, depending on strength preference. Strain and discard leaves. Enjoy.

Why is my homemade iced tea bitter? ›

Why Is My Iced Tea Bitter? Tannins in tea can cause a bitter taste. If you steep the tea at a high temperature or for too long, more tannins are released into the tea. This can make your tea bitter.

How do you make iced tea without it being cloudy? ›

To make a truly delicious iced tea, add a drop of baking soda. Once you've brewed your ice-tea a dash of baking soda helps to neutralize the tannin content, offering a smoother taste, and reducing that murky appearance.

Can you cold steep tea too long? ›

It is quite literally impossible to oversteep a cold-brewed tea. Your tea will become a strong, full-bodied brew, and then stop steeping. After a day or two, it may start to bitter, and after a week, we recommend that you please get rid of it.

What is the perfect tea bag to water ratio? ›

Bring water to a boil*, and pour over the tea as soon as it reaches boiling. Over-boiling will cause oxygen to be reduced, making the tea taste 'flat'. Use 1 tea bag per cup, or 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup (6 oz.).

What can I put in my ice tea to make it taste better? ›

More Ways to Sweeten Iced Tea Than You Can Shake A Candy Swizzle Stick At!
  1. Sugar: Traditional sweetener for classic Southern iced tea. ...
  2. Honey: Great with fruity and green tea. ...
  3. Syrups: Best way to sweeten cold tea & there's one in every flavor. ...
  4. Spices, Herbs & Fruit Juice: The ultimate natural sweeteners.

How many tea bags for 1 liter? ›

Many teapots are one liter in size, which is about 4 cups (meaning 4 tea bags). 5. Pour the heated water into your teapot or cup.

Can you just add ice to tea? ›

When you're ready to enjoy a cup, simply decant the tea over a glass of ice. (Avoid adding ice directly to the pitcher, which will result in over-dilution.)

Why do you put baking soda in tea? ›

Adding a little baking soda to your tea will clear away any cloudiness left from the mixing process, and it's also thought to cut down on any lingering bitter tastes from the steeping tea bags, leaving your tea clarified and smooth and providing your get-together with one fantastic pitcher of tea.

What happens if you don't boil water for tea? ›

If you don't use boiling water, there won't be enough structure from the leaves to carry the flavours in the tea and so you'll get a weak and insipid cup of tea. Swirl some hot water in your teaware to preheat it before adding your leaves. This will help to release the aroma of the tea.

How do you make iced tea with cold water? ›

Add tea bags to a large 2-quart pitcher and add cold filtered water. If using tea bags with tags, snip them off before adding them. Put the lid on the pitcher and place it in the fridge for 8-12 hours. Remove the tea bags and serve with or without ice, depending on your preferences.

What tea does Tim Hortons use for iced tea? ›

The Tim Hortons Ice Tea Quencher is made from blending a green tea with delicious accents of tropical fruits such as pineapple and passionfruit, plus a hint of blackcurrant.

Can any tea bag be cold brewed? ›

You can cold brew any tea, and the process generally reduces the caffeine content by half of any tea you use. The result is a smooth, easy to drink tea that's calming and refreshing.

Is there a difference between ice tea and iced tea? ›

Do you know the difference between ICED tea and ICE tea? Iced tea refers to hot tea that has been poured over ice. Ice tea is tea that has either been brewed cold or has been cooled down before serving.

Do you pour tea bags or water first? ›

Place a tea bag in your favorite cup or mug. Bring water to a rolling boil and immediately pour over your tea bag. Steep for a good 3 to 5 minutes. (Great taste can't be rushed—it really does take the full time to release the tea's entire flavor.)

How many times can you steep the same tea bag? ›

If you're using fresh tea, you may be able to reuse the tea bag more times before the flavor starts to fade. In general, most people can expect to reuse tea bags between 2 and 4 times.

How many times can you reuse a single tea bag? ›

Another great fact about tea bags is that they can also be reused once more. We suggest to reuse the tea bags just one more time, or else the tea will become too weak.

Can you leave tea bags in cold water overnight? ›

The cold water releases far fewer tannins than in hot water. So cold brewed tea can be stored in the refrigerator overnight or even longer. The taste will not become bitter and unpleasant as long as it is stored at a low temperature.

Why does my iced tea turn syrupy? ›

If sun tea gets a thick or syrupy appearance, it may be due to the presence of a ropy bacteria called Alcaligenes viscolactis. Ropy bacteria are commonly found in soil and water. Standard brewing processes for hot tea are always hot enough to ensure that any undesirable microbes are killed, eliminating this risk.

Is iced tea just cold tea? ›

Iced tea (or ice tea) is a form of cold tea. Though it is usually served in a glass with ice, it can refer to any tea that has been chilled or cooled. It may be sweetened with sugar or syrup.

Is iced tea as good as water to drink? ›

While caffeine does have a slight diuretic effect, the relatively low levels in tea won't have much of an impact on hydration levels. In fact, decaffeinated tea can be counted cup for cup toward your hydration goal because it is considered just as hydrating as plain water.

How many tea bags for 2 liters of iced tea? ›

He recommends using three to four bags per liter instead. You'll inevitably use more leaves than you would if you were brewing the same volume hot, but trust the technique.

How many tea bags for a gallon of iced tea? ›

Generally speaking, if you're using regular-sized black or green tea bags (2 grams), then 8-10 tea bags should be enough for one gallon of tea. If you like your glass with more flavor, try adding 12-15 tea bags instead.

Why does my iced tea taste weak? ›

Temperature also affects the potency of the flavor. Our taste buds react more intensely when the temperature of a food or beverage is increased. When iced tea is brewed with the same amount of tea as hot tea, it will have a weak flavor. This is because temperature is an important variable in flavor perception.

Why does my iced tea taste weird? ›

Poor quality water

If you find yourself wondering why your tea tastes funny there's a good chance that it's down to the water. For the best, liveliest cup of tea you want freshly drawn water which is rich in the oxygen needed to draw out flavour.

Why does my iced tea taste like water? ›

Your tea to water ratio might be off.

If you ever feel like your tea just tastes like hot water and you really can't get any flavour, you may not have used enough tea leaves for the amount of water. If you ever feel like your tea is way too strong, then you may have used too many leaves for the amount of water.

How do restaurants make their quality iced tea? ›

As it turns out, the majority of iced tea served in U.S. restaurants isn't fresh brewed from leaves. Most of it is made from a tea concentrate. All restaurant employees have to do is add cold water to the liquid concentrate and serve.

How do you make crystal clear iced tea? ›

To make it: Steep 10 tea bags in 1 quart of room-temperature water for eight hours and then refrigerate or serve over ice. For crystal-clear, full-flavored iced tea, steep at room temperature, using 10 tea bags per quart instead of five.

What is the white stuff floating in my iced tea? ›

Scientists at the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health in Zurich, discovered that tea leaves contain compounds called polyphenols. These have a habit of bonding with calcium carbonate in tap water. And when this happens, a film tends to appear at the surface of the tea cup.

Why tea should not be heated again? ›

Apart from making the tea lose its nutritional properties and become contaminated, reheating the tea can also negatively impact its taste. Tannins are polyphenols responsible for the colour and flavour of the tea.

How do you steep tea bags for cold tea? ›

For Loose or Tea Bags:
  1. Pour 8 oz. of just boiled water over 2 Tbsp. loose leaf tea (or 2 tea bags).
  2. Steep for 2-4 minutes.
  3. Strain and pour over ice. Or strain, let cool, and refrigerate to chill.

Is it bad to steep tea bags too long? ›

Steep the tea for too long, and you'll end up with an unpleasantly strong, bitter cup. Steep the tea for too short a time, and you'll have a weak, flavorless cup of tea. Making matters even more complicated, different teas require different steep times in order to bring out their best flavor.

Can you make cold tea with any tea bags? ›

You can also use another true tea like white tea or oolong tea if preferred. Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and allow to cool for 1 minute. Add the green tea bags and allow to steep in a covered vessel for 5 minutes. Stir in 2 cups of cold water, sweeten to taste and serve over ice.

How much iced tea does one tea bag make? ›

Pour 4 to 5 fl. oz. boiling water over 1 tea bag in mug.

Do you have to boil water to make cold tea? ›

Put tea and water in a pitcher or glass container. Cover and place in refrigerator to cold brew. Use cool or room temperature filtered water. No need to boil any water to make cold brew tea.

Why is my iced tea bitter? ›

Why Is My Iced Tea Bitter? Tannins in tea can cause a bitter taste. If you steep the tea at a high temperature or for too long, more tannins are released into the tea. This can make your tea bitter.

Does adding ice to tea make it iced tea? ›

What is Ice-Chilled Tea? The fastest way to make iced tea is to make hot tea then cool it down quickly by adding a lot of ice. This is the ice-chill method and it's ready to drink right away. No need to cool down hot tea using the refrigerator, the ice does all the work.

What makes iced tea thick? ›

Is this preventable? Cloudiness in tea is caused by caffeine and tannins bonding with each other when tea is refrigerated or iced. The hotter the original brewing water the more caffeine and tannins are extracted from the tea leaves, and the murkier the beverage will be.

Can you oversteep iced tea? ›

It is quite literally impossible to oversteep a cold-brewed tea. Your tea will become a strong, full-bodied brew, and then stop steeping. After a day or two, it may start to bitter, and after a week, we recommend that you please get rid of it.

Is it cheaper to make your own iced tea? ›

Iced tea. Sure, there are plenty of bottled and canned options vying for your cash and attention, but making your own is a lot less expensive — especially if you're brewing for a crowd — and a whole lot more satisfying. It's also remarkably easy. Here are a few expert tips to get you started.

How many scoops of ice tea are in a cup? ›

To Make (Servings - Iced Tea Mix/Water): 1 - Approx 1/2 scoop/1 cup (8 oz); 2 - Approx. 1 scoop/2 cups; 4 - Approx 2 scoops/1 quart (32 oz); 8 - Approx 4 scoops/2 quarts; 16 - Approx 8 scoops/1 gallon. Hot By The Cup: Use two teaspoons of tea mix.


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