The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (2023)

What are daily contact lenses?

Daily contact lenses, often called "daily lenses" or "daily lenses", are worn only once. You open a new pack every morning and throw them away when you're done using them for the day.

They are very popular due to their health benefits and convenience.

Many contact lens wearers prefer to wear them every daymonthly lensesbecause they require less maintenance. No need to buy contact lens solutions or diary cases.

Everything we recommend
Better overall daily contacts- Acuvue Oasys 1 day with HydraLuxe™
runner-up- Daily Total 1
The best daily contact lenses for dry eyes- Acuvue hydration 1 day
More breathable everyday contact lenses- 1 day Acuvue TruEye
The best daily contact lenses for astigmatism- 1-Day Acuvue Wet Astigmatism
The best multifocal daily contact lenses- Daily Total 1 Multifocal
Best contacts with daily budget- Biotrue ONEday 90 Bundle
The best daily color contact lenses- Everyday colors one day

Where to buy glasses + contact lenses

Best Overall:war parker

Fastest Delivery:EyeBuyDirect

Cool also: Liingo

The best place to buy contacts:1800 contacts

Are everyday contacts right for me?

Most people can wear daily contact lenses. They are an excellent option for:

  • Anyone who wants less hassle with contact lenses
  • People prone to eye infections.
  • People with dry eyes
  • Kids, teens or anyone just starting out with contacts

Talk to a qualified eye care professional to determine if daily disposable lenses are right for you.

How much do daily contacts cost during the year?

According to various websites, daily contacts can cost between $400 and $1,000 per year.The total cost depends on the selected brand, the number of products purchased and the scope of insurance.

The 8 best daily contact lenses

Best All-Day Contact Lenses: Acuvue Oasys 1-Day with HydraLuxe™

The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (1)

Acuvue Oasys 1-Day contact lenses work with your natural tears to hydrate and hydrate. They provide all-day comfort and effortless blinking.

Lens features:

  • HydraLuxe™ technology provides all-day comfort and performance
  • High UV protection (at least 96.1% UV-A and 99.9% UV-B)
  • Material: 62% senofilcon A; 38% water
  • Producent: Johnson & Johnson

Runner-up: Diaries Together 1

The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (2)

Dailies Total1 contact lenses use water gradient technology. This provides a cushion of moisture near the surface of the lens. This ensures a high level of hydration throughout the day.

$39.19 for 1,800 contacts

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Lens features:

  • SmarTears® technology stabilizes the natural tear film
  • Nearly 100% hydration close to the lens surface
  • Material: 67% Delefilcon A; 33% water
  • Producer: Alkon

The best daily contact lenses for dry eyes: Acuvue Moist 1-Day

The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (3)

1-Day Acuvue Moist is one of the most popular contact lenses on the market. They have LACREON® technology with a built-in moisturizer. This gives your eyes a cushion of moisture that prevents them from drying out all day long.

Lens features:

  • SmarTears® technology stabilizes the natural tear film
  • Nearly 100% hydration close to the lens surface
  • Material: 67% Delefilcon A; 33% water
  • Producer: Alkon

More breathable everyday contact lenses: Acuvue TruEye 1-Day

The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (4)

1-Day Acuvue TruEye contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel. This material allows the greatest amount of oxygen through the lens, ensuring maximum breathability. They also feature HYDRACLEAR® 1 technology to keep the surface permanently lubricated.

Lens features:

  • HYDRACLEAR® 1 technology for maximum lubrication
  • High UV protection (at least 96.9% UV-A and 99.9% UV-B)
  • Material: 54% narafilcon A; 46% water
  • Producent: Johnson & Johnson

Best Daily Contact Lenses for Astigmatism: Acuvue 1-Day Wet Astigmatism

The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (5)

1-Day Acuvue Moist lenses are one of the most popular brands. They have LACREON® technology with a built-in moisturizer. This provides your eyes with a cushion of moisture throughout the day.

$81.88 US glasses

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Lens features:

  • High UV protection (at least 82% UV-A and 97% UV-B)
  • BLINK STABILIZED® design keeps contacts in place
  • Material: 42% polymer; 58% water
  • Producent: Johnson & Johnson

The best daily multifocal contact lenses: Daily Total 1 Multifocal

The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (6)

1-Day Acuvue Moist lenses are one of the most popular brands. They have LACREON® technology with a built-in moisturizer. This provides your eyes with a cushion of moisture throughout the day.

Lens features:

  • Precision Profile® design provides perfect multifocal vision correction
  • Water gradient technology provides a cushion of moisture around the lens.
  • Material: Delefilcon A 67%; 33% water
  • Producer: Alkon

Best Budget Daily Contact Lenses: Biotrue ONEday 90 Pack

The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (7)

Biotrue ONEday contact lenses retain moisture naturally produced by the eye. They also help reduce halos and glare. They are a great option if you suffer from these poor lighting conditions.

Lens features:

  • High-definition optics reduce glare and halos
  • Maintains almost 100% humidity for 16 hours.
  • Material: 22% Nesophylcon A; 78% water
  • Producent: Bausch+Lomb

Daily Aqua Comfort PlusyAcuvue hydration 1 daythey also have similar prices.

Packs of 90 are the most cost-effective way to buy daily disposable lenses. These three lenses are some of the best contact lenses on the market. If you wear contact lenses, don't sacrifice quality for the sake of it.

Best Daily Color Contact Lenses: Dailies Daily Color Contact Lenses

The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (8)

Dailies Colors One Day contact lenses make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. They feature color enhancement and a unique outer ring that defines the eyes.

$59.88 US glasses

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Lens features:

  • 3-in-1 color technology illuminates and highlights the iris
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Material: 31% Nelfilcon A; 69% water
  • Producer: Alkon

Pros of daily contact lenses

Some advantages of magazines include:

eye health

Your eyes contain calcium, proteins, lipids and other substances. These substances can accumulate on reusable lenses, increasing the risk of irritation and infection.

Disposable lenses do not have the ability to accumulate these substances.This means that the chances of getting infected are greatly reduced.


Weekly and monthly lenses require proper daily care. If you don't take care of your lenses, you can damage them or cause an eye infection.

Disposable everyday items do not require maintenance. When you're done using them, just throw them away.This eliminates the need for contact lens solutions and cases.

Disadvantages of daily contact lenses:

Some disadvantages of magazines include:


Disposable everyday items cost more. For an annual supply, they are typically twice or three times more expensive than monthly lenses.They do not require additional products such as cases and cleaning agents. However, this does not make up for the difference in price.

You can offset the price by wearing the glasses for a few days. Monthly contact lenses should be discarded after 30 days, regardless of how often you wear them. You don't have to open newspapers when you wear glasses.


Another complaint is the extra waste that daily lenses cause. This is a valid complaint as it will go through much more packaging.However, you can help compensate for this by recycling your contact packagingTerraCycle and Bausch + Lomb ONE recycling program.

Before ordering contact lenses, get your hands on itcomprehensive eye examination and fitting of contact lensesfrom an ophthalmologist. Only a qualified ophthalmologist can provide personalized information to find the best lenses for everyday wear.

Why is it worth trusting us?

The Vision Center team spends several hours researching and writing each review page. We searched the internet and based all our recommendations on:

  • Customers opinion
  • Product details and specifications
  • Company reputation and reports
  • Contemporary scientific articles

Our medical reviewer then edits each review for medical accuracy.dr. Melody Huang, OD

Frequently asked questions about daily contact lenses

How to order daily contacts

First, get an eye exam and contact lens fit at your local optometrist. Then you can use a trusted website like1-800 contacts,GlassesUnited States, ycontacts the next dayorder glasses. You will need to submit your eye prescription at checkout.

Are daily contact lenses more expensive?

Yes, daily contact lenses cost about two to three times as much as weekly or monthly lenses. However, they are more hygienic and comfortable than reusable contact lenses.

Are daily contact lenses better for dry eyes?

Usually yes. People suffering from dry eyes prefer daily contact lenses. Talk to a qualified eye care professional to find out whattypes of contactslenses are best for your personal vision problems.

Is higher water content better for dry eyes?

Not necessarily. Non-silicone hydrogel contact lenses with a high water content may worsen dry eye symptoms. Lenses specially designed to retain moisture, e.gAcuvue hydration 1 dayyDaily Aqua Comfort Plusthey are better for dry eyes.

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The best places to buy contacts

generally better
The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (9)

1-800 Contacts is our #1 recommendation when it comes to buying contact lenses online.

great too
The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (10)

GlassesUSA has a large selection of contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses.

The best places to buy glasses

generally better
The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (11)

Warby Parker offers stylish, high-quality frames at affordable prices.

great too
The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (12)

Liingo Eyewear is another great option to buy glasses online.

Better on a budget
The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023 (13)

EyeBuyDirect offers a wide variety of affordable frames starting at $6.

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The 8 Best Daily Contact Lenses in 2023? ›

The expert predicts that future lenses will be able to monitor eye pressure, look for glaucoma (a disease that damages the optic nerve) and even produce images of the retinal vasculature for the early detection of hypertension, stroke and diabetes.

What are the contact lenses of the future? ›

The expert predicts that future lenses will be able to monitor eye pressure, look for glaucoma (a disease that damages the optic nerve) and even produce images of the retinal vasculature for the early detection of hypertension, stroke and diabetes.

What are newest contact lenses in the market? ›

There are 3 newer contact lenses on the market, each with its own benefits: Bausch + Lomb Infuse, Alcon Precision 1, and Alcon Dailies Total 1 Toric.

What are the most moist daily contact lenses? ›

TypeWater content
Alcon Dailies Total 1daily33%
1-day Acuvue Moistdaily58%
Waldo Hydra Boost Plusdaily58%
Extreme H20 54%biweekly54%
6 more rows
Oct 31, 2022

Who makes Kirkland daily contacts? ›

Kirkland Signature Daily Disposable contact lenses are identical to MyDay contact lenses. Costco's Kirkland "Premium Dailies Disposable" or just "Daily Disposable" contact lenses are manufactured by CooperVision.

Which is better Acuvue or dailies? ›

ACUVUE OASYS 1-DAY offers Class-1 UVA and UVB protection, DAILIES TOTAL1 doesn't. DAILIES TOTAL1 outperforms ACUVUE OASYS 1-DAY on oxygen transmission. While the water content of the two lenses is similar when looking at the lens core, DAILIES TOTAL1's water content increases to 80% at the surface.

What is the safest contact lens? ›

Daily disposable contact lenses appear to be the safest. Steps to make contact lens wear as safe as possible include proper hand washing, following cleaning processes as described by your optometrist or eye doctor, and attending regular follow-up examinations.

What are the longest lasting contact lens? ›

In terms of extreme long-wear, rigid gas permeable contacts are the best choice. These contacts can last for up to a full year or longer, but it will depend on whether or not your eye doctor recommends them.

What is the most popular type of contact lenses? ›

Soft Contact Lenses

The most popular type of contacts worn today, soft lenses are available in tints, bifocals, multifocals, as well as disposables.

What are the most expensive lenses contact? ›

2,340. The highest priced product is Johnson & Johnson acuvue Moist 1 Day 90 Pack Daily Contact Lens (-7, Transparent, Pack of 90) available at Rs. 3,900 in India.

What is the most common contact lens? ›

Soft contact lenses are the most common lens material worn.

Who is the largest contact lens seller? ›

Bausch & Lomb is the world's largest supplier of contact lenses, pharmaceuticals, intraocular lenses, and other eye surgery products. It operates through three segments, namely vision care/consumer health care, surgical, and ophthalmic pharmaceuticals.

Which contact lenses are best daily or monthly? ›

People with dailies don't have to worry about cleaning the lenses because you just throw them away each night and put in a new pair each morning. However, a monthly lens may work better for people who find solace in a daily cleaning routine or those who don't want to keep a large stock of contacts on hand.

What is the best contact lens for day and night? ›

FDA-approved for daily wear and up to 30 nights of continuous wear, § AIR OPTIX ® NIGHT & DAY ® AQUA contact lenses are the #1 brand recommended by United States eye care professionals for people who sleep in their contact lenses.

Which daily contacts have the highest water content? ›

At the core, DAILIES TOTAL1® Water Gradient SiHy contact lenses have a water content of 33%, which allows exceptional oxygen transmissibility - the highest of any daily disposable contact lens with a Dk/t of 156 (Dk/t @ -3.00D)vi.

Can I take a 20 minute nap with contacts in? ›

Can You Nap with Contacts? If you are taking a short, 20–minute nap, your contact lenses shouldn't be a problem. However, you will likely need to freshen them with the special solution after napping, as they will go dry. You don't want this to become habitual, because it can cause eye trouble.

Is Costco the cheapest place for contacts? ›

Costco doesn't offer the cheapest contacts online for small orders. A month's supply of some lenses is more expensive than others. If you are looking for the cheapest and best place to order contacts for a month's supply, go with other options, like Discount Contact Lenses.

What brand are Costco contact lenses? ›

Kirkland Signature Premium Daily Disposable 90 PK (Same as MyDay Daily Disposable 90PK) are Daily Disposable contact lenses. They are made of Silicone Hydrogel and are manufactured by CooperVision.

What brand are Walmart contacts? ›

Equate lenses distributed by Walmart under the Equate brand allowing the customer to experience an affordable daily disposable contact lens. Equate provides a healthier and convenient contact lens option. Eureka! View Description.

Which daily contact lenses have the most oxygen? ›

Oxygen permeability and types of lenses
BrandMaterialOxygen permeability
1 Day Acuvue TruEyeNarafilcon A118 Dk/t
Biofinity ToricComfilcon A116 Dk/t
Biofinity Toric XRComfilcon A116 Dk/t
Bausch + Lomb ULTRA for AstigmatismSamfilcon A114 Dk/t
84 more rows

Are Acuvue dailies being discontinued? ›

When will TruEye be discontinued? Acuvue will discontinue TruEyes in the US starting on April 1st, 2023.

What is the most comfortable prescription contacts? ›

Lenses made from newer silicone hydrogel materials tend to be more comfortable. They allow more oxygen to pass through to the cornea and take less time to adapt to, as well as being comfortable for longer. Switching to daily disposable or silicone hydrogel lenses could significantly reduce any discomfort.

Is it OK to wear contact lens everyday? ›

You should be able to wear your contact lenses every day unless you have a temporary problem that prevents you from comfortably or safely wearing your lenses. For example, you should not wear contacts if you are: Experiencing eye redness or irritation.

Which contact lens color is best? ›

Shades like aqua blue, dark blue, light gray, and mist gray are great choices. If you have medium or tanned skin, you have a variety of colors to choose from. You can wear contact lenses in shades of green, such as lime green, gemstone green, and opal. You can also wear contact lenses in shades of blue and violet.

Which Acuvue is best for dry eyes? ›

Best Overall: Acuvue Oasys 1-Day

Acuvue Oasys are Dr. King's top recommendation for people with dry eye. HydraLuxe Technology lets your tears hydrate the lens as well as your eye. This helps keep them moist all day.

Can I wear contact lenses for lifetime? ›

The maximum time that any lens has been approved to wear continuously is 30 days. You should never wear a lens longer than that. If you must sleep in your lenses, most eye doctors will encourage you to take them out as often as possible, or at least once per week.

How many years are contact lenses good for? ›

A: Contacts generally expire 4-5 years after the contact lenses have been packaged. It's important to note that contact lens prescriptions also need to be evaluated regularly to confirm that your existing lenses can still accurately correct your vision.

What are the contacts you only wear at night? ›

Ortho-k lenses are custom-made contact lenses that are worn overnight to gently reshape the cornea, thus enabling clear vision the following day. Research shows that overnight ortho-k not only effectively removes the need to wear any glasses or daytime contact lenses, but can slow down the progression of myopia.

What contacts are easiest to put in? ›

When it comes to contact lenses for beginners or first time users, the top four for 2023 are:
  • Crystal Aqua Daily.
  • Focus Dailies All Day Comfort.
  • Crystal 1 Day.
  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist.

What is a good price for contact lenses? ›

Generally, they cost between $20 and $30 a box. Most people with average prescriptions should be able to get a year's worth of contact lenses for $200 to $500. The price range for contacts can feel broad, but they have a highly variable price tag depending on a lot of factors.

What are premium contacts? ›

Premium lenses allow ophthalmologists to correct the cataract issue and treat vision problems such as astigmatism, myopia, and farsightedness. There are different types of premium lenses that help correct various vision issues.

What is the cheapest contact lenses brand? ›

Cheapest Daily Disposable Contact Lenses of 2023
RankBrandCost Per Day (90PK)
1Proclear® 1 Day$0.22
3SofLens® Daily Disposable$0.27
4Biotrue® ONEday$0.27
6 more rows

Which Kardashian wears contacts? ›

There's Something Different About Kim Kardashian West

Kardashian West later took to Instagram to reveal that colored contacts were her “new obsession”, and shared a post on her app detailing why she decided to sport colored contacts for the ceremony.

Which is the world top lens company? ›

Essilor. Essilor is the world's largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses.

Who is the world leader in prescription lenses? ›

Essilor lenses are the number one brand in spectacle lenses recommended by opticians around the world.

Why are dailies better than monthlies? ›

Daily disposables are considered the healthiest choice because there is no day-to-day build-up of deposits. They come ready to insert in individual, sterilised blister packs for one-time use. Dailies are ideal for anyone susceptible to seasonal allergies because they minimise pollen build up.

Are dailies more expensive than monthlies? ›

Daily disposable contacts are more expensive than biweekly and monthly disposable contacts. (Read more about the difference between daily and monthly contacts.) Toric contacts for astigmatism are more expensive than spherical (non-toric) contacts for nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Is it better to buy daily weekly or monthly contacts? ›

Weekly and monthly contacts help you save more money. They're also friendlier to the environment and are more durable for active lifestyles. But the benefits of one a day contacts often trump those of weekly or monthly contacts. After all, they're far more convenient and don't need daily cleaning.

Which type of contact lens are better? ›

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses (RGPs) are more durable and resistant to deposit buildup, and generally give a clearer, crisper vision. They tend to be less expensive over the life of the lens since they last longer than soft contact lenses.

Is Acuvue or Dailies better? ›

ACUVUE OASYS 1-DAY offers Class-1 UVA and UVB protection, DAILIES TOTAL1 doesn't. DAILIES TOTAL1 outperforms ACUVUE OASYS 1-DAY on oxygen transmission. While the water content of the two lenses is similar when looking at the lens core, DAILIES TOTAL1's water content increases to 80% at the surface.

Are daily contact lenses better for you? ›

You are less likely to get infections with daily contact lenses. Some people are not always consistent when it comes to cleaning their contacts. There is less risk of contamination if you wear fresh contacts every day. It means that the more you replace your contacts, the better for your eye health and comfort.

What are the disadvantages of daily lenses? ›

Daily contact lenses are thinner than reusable options, and this can make them more susceptible to tearing. This thinner material can make your lenses difficult to clean, and they can damage easier. You need to be careful when handling these lenses to avoid potential damage.

How long can you really wear daily contacts? ›

You can only wear daily disposable contacts for one day and you cannot use them more than once. Without exception, you should throw them out after removing them, whether it's at the end of the day or after only a few hours.

Can you take out daily contacts and put them back in same day? ›

Don't Reuse Your Contacts

Daily disposable contacts are designed to use for one day that's why they are called “Daily disposable contacts”. These are thinner, fragile, and can't hold moisture for long. So reusing them is nothing but inviting eye problems.

Can you shower with contacts in? ›

All types of contact lenses, including extended-wear contacts, should be removed from your eyes before showering to prevent complications. Even though extended-wear contacts can be worn for multiple days at a time, you're still putting your eyes at risk for infection or irritation if the contacts become wet.

Can I reuse my daily contacts? ›

Don't Reuse Your Contacts

Daily disposable contacts are designed to be thrown away after every single use, and people who reuse them risk painful and risky outcomes. Dailies are thinner, more fragile, and don't hold moisture as well as other contacts.

Which lens Colour is best for night? ›

Yellow lens sunglasses are best for snow-related activities, indoor ball sports, at night, or while driving in the fog. The same is true of orange tinted sunglasses, which can increase contrast in foggy, hazy, or low-light conditions.

What lens is good for driving at night? ›

Night driving glasses have non-prescription yellow or amber-tinted lenses and can be purchased over the counter. Yellow-tinted lenses for night driving help to filter out blue light, the light most likely to cause glare when it enters the eye.

What contact lenses are best for driving at night? ›

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses

The best option would be to use the contact lenses that provide the clearest, sharpest vision possible. Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses can sometimes beat soft contact lenses in that regard, but some people find them to be less comfortable, and harder to get used to.


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