Unattended remote access: what is it and who is it for? (2023)

Unattended remote access: what is it and who is it for? (1)
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Remote control


Unattended remote access is the ability to gain access to a remote computer without having to be granted access by someone on the target computer.You have full control over your computer in real time.

This article explains the concept of unattended remote access.what it is and why it's a useful tool for any business. You'll also learn about some of the software options available for unattended remote access.

What is unattended access?

You may already be familiar with Remote Desktop - Unattended Remote Access, which takes this traditional concept a step further by allowing remote access to a computer when no end user is physically present on the remote computer.It's a handy addition to your company's tools arsenal, allowing employees to log in and access files anytime, anywhere. Alternatively, IT support teams can perform remote support tasks 24/7, such as remotely installing software orproblem solving after working hours, etc.

Examples of unattended remote access software include LogMeIn, TeamViewer, and SplashTop. These applications use data encryption to protect all data transmissions, so you can rest assured that your remote sessions are secure.

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Benefits of using unattended remote access software

Remote access isn't just for companies that require remote IT support.Being able to access your computer remotely at any time allows you to overcome traditional obstacles such as physical location and even time zones.Unattended remote access allows you to perform all business processes securely and remotely.For example, a healthcare provider may remotely maintain and access patient records across multiple facilities.This approach provides flexibility and convenience for both patients and staff.suppliers.

There are many other benefits you can get from unattended remote access software:

1. Work from home without sacrificing efficiency and security

HomeworkThis is no longer an exception to the working model.In the face of recent events in the world, more and more people are working remotely.With secure remote options, employees can access the network or any data or remote servers on demand.In return, employees can easily receive remote support, and with the unattended option available, downtime is reduced as there is no need to interrupt users during business hours to allow IT to log in and investigate.

2. Support kiosks and IoT devices where there is no user

In the worldInternet of Things (IoT), the ability to remotely access smart devices to find bugs, security fixes or software updates is invaluable.A simple example: imagine a group of casinos having hundreds of slot machines in multiple physical locations: the ability to remotely access these machines unattended via firmware or software updates is immutable.

3. Make sure education doesn't take a back seat

Remote learning is made easier when students can access specialized, often expensive software (such as 3D modeling or video editing applications) from a remote server at any time.

4. IT support is easier and more effective for both your team and your clients

Support can be performed more efficiently using unattended remote access software. Maintenance tasks such as software updates, security patches or support can be performed at any time, even after business hours, reducing support time, downtime and loss of productivity.

5. Streamline remote healthcare services

With the increase in popularitytelemedicinethe healthcare industry can benefit from unattended remote access, allowing patients and healthcare professionals to access patient records from anywhere and at any time, while remainingHIPAA- compatible.Various medical devices can be accessed and operated remotely 24/7, increasing the return on investment in expensive equipment.

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6. More freedom for professionals in the financial sector

Professionals from all industries can be confident that they can work remotely and securely. Financial companies can rely on encryption and two-factor authentication implemented by unattended remote access software to protect their data during remote sessions.

7. Protect and empower retail brands

With the growing popularity of online shopping, retailers are becoming more and more targets for hacking and data theft.Point-of-sale devices need to be protected, and due to their remote nature, being able to access them unattended is an invaluable tool for businesses .

Unattended remote access software enables retailers to provide their customers with a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant solution without sacrificing performance.

Disadvantages of unattended access

While there are many obvious benefits to using unattended remote access software, there are also some disadvantages to consider:


Remote access, supervised or unattended, requires an Internet connection.Without a fast and reliable connection, any action taken remotely depends on the speed and performance of your network.


In the online world, privacy is a very important factor.The idea of allowing someone to access your computer unattended may seem crazy.It is important that all employees who use these tools comply with the company's privacy policy.all employees should be properly screened and trained. Any security compromise is not only bad from a personal point of view for the user, but a company-wide data breach is not only costly but can also be harmful.

Differences between supervised and unsupervised remote support

Unattended remote access: what is it and who is it for? (2)

To participate or not, the decision to use unattended remote support depends on your business model. If your business spans multiple physical locations and time zones or needs to provide 24/7 support, unattended remote access may be worth your while.

The differences between care and neglect are documented in the table below.

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Access to any remote computer or device.No additional installation required.


Access a remote computer at any time without having to be approved by anyone on the remote computer.

The remote computer is accessed when the user is logged in and present during the remote session.

You will need to install an application that provides a password or other form of authentication that the remote user must provide or fulfill to log in.


To use unattended remote access, a lightweight agent must be installed on both devices.Once the remote agent is enabled, the authorized user can access that remote device anytime, anywhere.

• Higher productivity;
• Shortens the average call response time;
• Improves customer experience;
• Increase compatibility.


• Lower operating costs;
• Higher productivity;
• Error elimination;
• Frees employees from repetitive work;
• Improve compliance.

• IT support/help services;
• Customer Support Teams.


• Managed Service Providers (MSPs);
• IT service providers;
• internal IT teams;
• Employees and remote work;
• Students and distance education.

If you opt for unattended remote access, there are many free and paid software solutions availableremote access software reviewfor you.

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