What to do if you miss your flight? Things you can do to save your trip (2023)

Unlike buses, taxis or trains, the next flight will take some time to arrive. Probably long after the planned trip. All that comes is panic. But that doesn't help much.

So apart from panicwhat to do if you missed your flight? It's a bad situation, but it can be done to make it more bearable. Today we will walk you through a series of actions you can take to save the world.

Continue your journey immediately

Here are solutions to consider if you want to start your journey right away.

1. Stay calm and assess the situation

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Meditation is a bit of an overkill, but it's good to have some peace. Photo of Katerina May on Unsplash.

It's true that missing a flight can feel like the end of the world. But it isn't. Stay calm and try to assess the situation.

It would be harder for you and everyone else involved. Especially don't get mad at the airport staff. You don't want to escalate the situation and turn away people who can help you.

We have a trick for you that will instantly reduce your stress level. First take a deep breath. But wait, don't breathe it out yet. Try to inhale again. And then a long exhale. Then, like your late flight, the stress will disappear.

2. Reschedule or reschedule

you knew about himpuncture principle? Sometimes called a flat tire policy, this is an unofficial term used by some airlines. This allows travelers who miss their flight due to circumstances beyond their control to rebook their next flight free of charge.

While this is not a universally recognized policy, some airlines have introduced variations of this rule to help passengers in these situations.

Most airlines have rules on dealing with delayed flights, and the sooner you contact them, the more likely you are to find a solution that works for you.

Therefore, you should contact the airline or travel agent as soon as possible to inform them of your situation. They may be able to help you arrange a replacement flight (free or paid).

More importantly, if you don't contact the airline, they will probably treat you as a "no show" (which will happen if you miss your flight). This means that any connection or return flight may be cancelled.

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Contact the airline immediately! Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Then the second thing to do is check with your travel insurance company to see if your situation is covered. At this point, you would like to have everything useful, however small.

Be sure to check alternatives for rebooking or changing your travel plans when you call. Some airlines may allow you to change your flight for free or at a reduced cost, while others may charge you the full price of the new ticket.

Here is some information on this:


Before departure time:If your plans change, be sure to inform the airline as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, customers who do not show up for a flight without changing or canceling their booking before departurelose the value of the ticket. All other flights in the itinerary are canceled accordingly.

If you have any questions or problems in this regard, please try to contact them:

  • At the airport: see a Delta representative
  • Call Delta Reservation: 800-221-1212

British Airways

British Airwaysdoes not provide refunds for canceled flights. However, if you miss your connection (if all flights connect with them), they will book you as soon as possible on the next available flight.

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Approach the airline service counter. They can help you.Delta Information Center,CC POR 2.0by Flickr

Southwest Airlines

as indicatedOn your sidelate customersIn 2 hoursafter the departure time you will be placed on the waiting list for the next flight. You can refer to yoursDiscussion forumfor more information.


Unfortunately, there is not much information about delayed flights on the official website. If you have any questions, it's always worth contacting them. However, here is some information you can use.

  • If a passenger misses their flight due to circumstances beyond their control, Emirates will not normally issue refunds.
  • Failure to contact Emirates regarding your situation will be treated as a no-show.
  • To reschedule the next available flight, a passenger may have to pay between $100 and $500, depending on the situation.


if you miss aLufthansaflight, they will help you book the next available one. However, a charge of £100 may apply. If you contact them quickly enough, we're sure they can help.

3. Be aware of the fee

If you are flying withcheap carrierPlease note that your restrictions may be less flexible. You may even be charged a cancellation fee if you don't show up for your flight. Sometimes buying a new ticket can be more profitable than paying a fee or fine.

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He may soon be on the road again, but at what cost? Photo: Day Of Victory Stu — stock.adobe.com

So it's always worth trying to negotiate a waiver or reduce the cost of switching by talking to the airline or travel agent. Although this is not always possible, it is worth asking and explaining your position.

For example, if you missed your trip due to a medical emergency or natural disaster, the airline may be more willing to work with you.

Tips: If you've been traveling with a particular airline for a long time, you probably have a few milestones. Try optimizing it to save some money (consider signing up for the program if you don't have one).

4. What happens to my luggage?

You may have missed your flight, but not your luggage. It will normally continue on its scheduled flight and will be delivered to its final destination as originally planned.

In this case, please inform the airline or ground staff about your checked baggage in order to find appropriate solutions.

Depending on circumstances and airline policies, you may need to collect your baggage at your destination airport. Another scenario is to be redirected to a new itinerary if a new booking is available.

postpone the trip

If you're in no rush and have some time, here are some ideas:

find accommodation

If you miss your flight, you may need to arrange accommodation if you need to stay the night before your next departure. Contact your airline or travel agent again to see if they can help you.

Even if they can't provide any real help, it's worth listening to their views. Thor's experience in dealing with such situations is invaluable.

If the airline does not provide assistance, you will have to secure your own seat. Searching for hotels or other accommodation near the airport is a good starting point.

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Local accommodation can be a lovely place. Photo by Filiz Elaerts on Unsplash

In general, there will be quite a few hotels within walking distance of the airport. Some airports, such as Heathrow Airport and Birmingham Airport, even have hotels in the airport terminals. While these are not inexpensive options, they do provide comfort.

For hotels in the area, you can compare costs and find last minute deals or discounts withtravel booking platform.

In parallel with the search for accommodation, be sure to inform the hotel that is waiting for you at your destination. When you contact them, be sure to let them know your situation and explain that you didn't show up just because you missed your flight. We hope this is enough to avoid unwanted fines or charges.

If you're waiting for your next flight, which is in a few hours, consider finding a quiet spot or a comfortable spot in the terminals. You might be surprised at the number of places where you can relax and even take a nap.

Be sure to check the airport regulations regarding sleeping in public areas, as some places are free and others are paid (e.g. VIP lounges). Then, when it's time to board your next flight, you'll feel full of energy again. Just don't fall asleep this time.

Look after yourself

One of the mistakes many people make is thinking that the situation is only temporary. So they neglect to take care of themselves a little.

However, we believe that this is something that should be prioritized. This involves resting, eating something, and staying hydrated.

Even if you are a picky eater, there are plenty of options to choose from. From sit-down restaurants to take-out restaurants, there's something for you.

It is also essential to avoid spending too much money or worrying too much while waiting. Keep calm and be patient. Spending money is not a recommended stress reliever.

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Immersing yourself in a book will take you back to the waiting time. IG: @kierlouisseepascual

Take advantage of airport services including lounges, free Wi-Fi, or alternative entertainment options such as books or movies. if you havelong stop,You can also take the opportunity to catch up on work or even take a walk around the airport. There are surprisingly many things you can do.

Consider an alternative means of transport

When the thrust reaches shore, you may consider other forms of transportation as a last resort. However, please note that some factors such as traffic or weather conditions will affect travel times.

if you are thinking ofrent a carBe sure to check their rental policies for crossing state or international borders. Also be aware of fuel and mileage policies and alternative car rental insurances.

On the other hand, if bus or train is an option, be sure to research routes and timetables. It would be devastating if you missed this one too.

Please note that some modes of transport may have limited availability or may not take you directly to your final destination. Therefore, first find out what the transportation plan is from the airport to your final destination. It's also a good idea to account for unexpected delays or cancellations, especially if you're traveling during busy periods or in bad weather.

If you are in a hurry and want to make sure that there is no more problem. Ride sharing or taxi services are viable options. However, convenience will come at a higher cost.

Inform your loved ones or travel companions

Now that you have a clear plan for the future, remember to let others know, especially those who expect you to arrive at a certain time.

Communicate clearly and offer any relevant information such as new flight information, estimated time of arrival or any changes to your itinerary.

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A simple telephone helps a lot in this situation. Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

If there is a group chat or something like that, try using it to let everyone know.

This is also a great time to review contingency plans and emergency contacts so everyone knows what to do in the event of the unexpected. In this way, you not only reduce their stress level, but also your own.


Since this is certainly a frustrating experience, it's important to learn from it. There seems to be a good side to the accident as well. Here are some things you can do:

What was the reason(s)?

Take some time to think about why your flight was delayed. Have you overestimated the time it takes to get to the airport? Forgot your passport or other necessary travel documents? Have there been unexpected traffic or transportation delays?

It's always easier to point the finger outwards, but identifying the real cause(s) will allow you to take preventive action in the future.

Consider travel insurance policies and flexible flights.

Itravel insuranceis something you don't know, consider taking a look at it. Unexpected events such as flight cancellations, missed connections or medical emergencies may be covered by travel insurance.

Another alternative is to purchase more flexible tickets. This may include purchasing tickets with less modification or cancellation restrictions. Return tickets can also be a great option. While these tickets are initially more expensive, they can come in handy in unfortunate situations.

It is very important to compare the cost of more flexible tickets or travel insurance against the potential benefits and your particular travel requirements and habits. If you see a pattern of missed flights, this type of ticket may be what you need.

Come earlier next time

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Watching an airplane from a distance is not a good sight. Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Arrive early at the airportit allows you to perform all the necessary pre-flight activities, such as check-in, baggage and security checks.

This process can sometimes be unexpectedly long and cumbersome. By arriving early, you not only take your time, but you should be in a comfortable mood.

This is especially useful during busy months or when flying to international destinations. Security and customs queues can be time-consuming and more stringent in some countries. If you have another flight waiting after your current one, be sure to allow some time to change terminals or airlines.

Consider choosing a reliable means of transport, such as a trusted taxi or a ride-sharing app. Depending on your location, buses and trains may not be as efficient.

Getting around after missing your flight: nothing is impossible

No wonder it's every traveler's worst nightmare; it can be much better if you know what to do if you miss your flight. You can find a way out of this situation.

Here is a brief summary. For those who miss their flight, first check the policy of the insurer and then the airline. Then try rebooking to a different flight or try a different mode of transport.

If your time is more flexible, be sure to rest at the airport or hotel. Take care of yourself to make sure you're in top shape for your next flight.

One of the key things is to always inform others about your situation, including family, friends and hotels at your destination.

If you stay calm and follow these tips, we believe that missing your flight won't be as bad as you think. With that in mind, we hope you never find yourself in such situations. Traveling is enjoying it, regardless of the difficulties!

Bui Hoang Hai


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