Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (2023)

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Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (1)

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business score+29

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (2)

One of the most popular phones people use in Singapore are Apple iPhones. And we all know how important it can be most of the time.

So if you need repairs, you should make sure there is a reputable repair shop that will take care of your phone.

You can find so many repair shops in Singapore where you can expect quality services. But with all these competing stores out there, it can be difficult to choose one, especially if it's your first time.

Here are some of themTop iPhone Repair Shops in Singaporeyou can leave.

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (3)

1 Red White Mobile - Biggest #1 Cheapest Cell Phone Shop in SG (with repair service)

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (4)

Are you looking for the best phone shop to fix a broken iPhone?

Then Red White Mobile must be your best choice in Singapore. They offer free advice and diagnostics for your phone before hiring any service from them.

Red White Mobile ensures that your phone is treated with the utmost care and protection.

They are one of the most trusted phone repair shops in Singapore, proven by their experience and expertise in the field. They perform repairs right in front of you to ensure they are doing only what is best for your phone.

Services offered:

(Video) Say these 3 words to Apple, to get a FREE Replacement!

  • Fix cracked iPhone screen
  • Water damage repair
  • Home-Button-Ersatz
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Replace iphone wifi antenna
  • iPhone camera glass replacement
  • Replace iPhone speakers
  • iPhone rear camera replacement
  • iPhone vibrator replacement


Address:420 North Bridge Road #01-20 North Bridge Center (S)188727

Contact:6735 4811


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2 iRepair Singapore - Affordable iPhone Repair in the City

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (5)

iRepair Singapore consists of highly qualified and professional technicians who can help you to repair your phone. It can handle almost any malfunction and ship your phone back to you as if it was never damaged.

This workshop is reliable and dependable.

They can troubleshoot software issues and even memory failures. They can also help you solve your battery problems on any phone you have, but especially iPhones.

iRepair is an award-winning repair facility in Singapore, backed by CaseTrust accreditation.

So if you are looking for someone to fix your iPhone, this should be one of your first decisions.

Services offered:

  • iPhone Repair Services
  • Android-Reparaturdienste
  • broken screen replacement
  • battery replacement
  • Change lens or camera
  • Software Repair


Address:Dhoby Ghaut: No.38 Prinsep Street #02-02 Singapore 188665

Contact:+65 9456 0833

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3 uBreakiFix Singapur

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (6)

uBreakiFix is ​​one of the recognized iPhone repair shops.

This iPhone repair workshop has six branches, all offering high quality and excellent service by professional and qualified technicians. They cover various issues with your phone regardless of the make and model.

This workshop is professional but you can expect competitive and cheap prices.

They offer free diagnostic services and price offers, so you still have some time to compare them to their competitors.

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In addition, you do not have to worry about long repair times. They work on your repair needs as quickly as possible to get your phone back to you in the shortest possible time without compromising the quality of the repair.

Services offered:

  • iPhone Repair Services
  • Samsung Repair Services
  • Huawei Repair Services
  • Oppo Repair Services
  • iPad Repair Services


Address: West Mall, White Sands, Junção 8, Sun Plaza, Northpoint, Tiong Bahru Plaza
Contact:+65 6592 0985

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4 Mister Mobile Singapore

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (7)

Mister Mobile is one of the most reputable phone repair shops in Singapore. It offers a comprehensive list of services to help you solve your phone problem.

This iPhone repair workshop in Singapore has a group of experienced technicians ready to help you with any problem you may have with your phone.

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, they can help you fix it. They are one of the few authorized repair agents in Singapore.

(Video) iPhone 14 ₹50000 Cheaper Than India 😱 | ARS Digital World, Singapore - Irfan's View

If you need a repair service, just send them a message through their website and they will get back to you shortly with competitive prices.

Services offered:

  • Cell phone repair services
  • replacement of screens
  • Battery repair services
  • Camera exchange service
  • Motherboard-Reparaturdienste



Filiale von Geylang: 810 Geylang Road City Plaza Cingapura 409286

Hougang Branch: 21 Hougang Street 51 Hougang Green Shopping Center Cingapura 538719

Woodlands Branch: 305 Woodlands Street Cingapura 730305

Ramo Jurong: 132 Jurong Gateway Road Singapur 600132

Contact:+65 9223 0410

5 Lite-Mobil

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (8)

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable repair shop, Lite Mobile should be one of your best options.

They have now been in business for about six years and prove how skilled and competent their technicians are.

This cell phone repair shop can quickly understand your phone problems and solve them as soon as possible.

Lite Mobile offers an on-site repair service to help you with any damage to your phone. They work on it quickly and do their best to get your phone back to you within the hour. And no matter how complicated your hardware or software problem is, trust them to solve it.

The repair costs depend on the damage to your phone. But don't worry, Lite Mobile has a competitive and cheap plan.

Services offered:

  • iPhone Repair Services
  • iPad Repair Services
  • Samsung Repair Services
  • Oppo Repair Services
  • Huawei Repair Services
  • Sony Repair Services
  • Xiaomi-Reparaturdienste
  • Others



Segen Keng, Bishan, Segen Lay 221, Segen Lay 176, Simei, Jcube

Contact:+65 9001 4651

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6 telephone doctor singapore

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (9)

When it comes to phone repair services, Phone Doctor Singapore is definitely one of the best shops ever.

They have highly talented and qualified professional technicians who can help you solve any problem with your phone.

Regardless of make and model, they are ready to serve you. Phone Doctor Singapore offers a wide range of services from software repair to battery replacement.

They also offer competitive prices so you don't have to worry about high fees.

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Services offered:

  • Smartphone-Reparaturdienste
  • iPad Repair Services
  • macbook repair service
  • replacement of screens
  • battery swapping services
  • Motherboard-Reparaturdienste
  • water damage repair services


Address:Bedok Mall-311 New Upper Changi Rd, #B1-14 Singapore 467360

Contact:9777 7509

(Video) Fast and quality cracked iPhone screen repair shop in Singapore

7 iDevice Repair Center

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (10)

iDevice-Reparaturzentrum – iPhone-Repair Singapore

iDevice Repair Center has been around since the launch of the first iPhone. In all the long years of operation, their professionalism and experience have proven themselves.

They have a group of skilled and caring technicians ready to help you with your phone problem.

This repair shop offers various services to fix your phones, laptops, tablets and PCs in no time.

His fast response time does not affect the quality of his work.

Services offered:

  • Repair and replacement of parts for mobile phones, tablets and computers


Address:51 Changi Business Park Central 2, Unit #08-08, Singapore 189562

Contact: (+65) 9382-6864

8 Breakfixnow

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (11)

Breakfixnow – iPhone Reparatur in Singapur

Breakfixnow is one of the most trusted iPhone repair shops in Singapore. Many customers have proven its excellent skills and reliable service, which can give your phone a new life.

They have a large team of professional and qualified technicians at your disposal at all times.

Not only are they a dependable and dependable cell phone store, but they also offer low service fees and free diagnostic services.

Breakfixnow also ensures that all phone parts and accessories they use are authentic.

After all, they guarantee a quick and reliable repair so you can get your phone back in no time.

Services offered:

  • iPhone screen repair services
  • Samsung and iPhone repair
  • Motherboard-Reparaturdienste
  • Cell phone repair services
  • battery replacement
  • water damage repair services


Address:Bugis Village 62 Queen Street-Little Red Dot Building, Terreo #ABFL 1-5 Singapur 188541

Contact:+65 6337 2739

9 APPEARANCE Furniture

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (12)

LYK Mobile – iPhone Repair Singapore

If you're looking for the best place to get your phone or tablet repaired, LYK Mobile is a great place to go. They offer a wide range of services from battery replacement to software repair.

They're not just good with phones. They can also help you fix your iPad and Apple Watch.

LYK Mobile is definitely a one stop shop for all your gadget repair needs.

This Singapore iPhone repair workshop has a group of multi-talented and professional technicians ready to help you with your phone problems.

Services offered:

  • LCD replacement
  • battery replacement
  • screen repair
  • motherboard repair
  • iPad repair
  • Repair the Apple Watch


Address:Jurong & Taiseng

Contact:9025 2185 or 9679 2229

10 Hitec Mobil

Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Singapore 2023 - Best Prices in Singapore (13)
(Video) Looking for the best Iphone Screen Repair in Tampines

Hitec Mobile – iPhone Repair Singapore

Hitec Mobile is staffed with professional and qualified technicians to help you solve your phone problems.

They offer on-site repairs that can be completed in an hour or less, especially if it's a hardware issue.

You can easily check the services offered online. All you have to do is enter the make and model of your phone and you will get an offer on how much it will cost.

The prices depend a lot on your phone brand. But don't worry, they are affordable.

Services offered:

  • Replacement for cracked glass
  • motherboard repair
  • phone accessories
  • exchange phones
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Address:Bugis Junction and Sim Lim Square

Contact:+65 6336 3017

Phone repair services are just one of the most important services in our lives.

You saved our phone!

Whether you're on holiday now or in Singapore forever, it's important to know where these great phone repair shops are located.

iPhone Repair Cost in Singapore 2022

What are the most popular iPhone repairs in Singapore?

The most popular iPhone repairs in Singapore include screen replacement, battery replacement, power button repair and speaker repair.

Singapore people are very price conscious and tend to prioritize repairs that result in money savings while ensuring quality and reliable service.

As iPhones are widely available in Singapore, it is important to have fast and reliable repair services when needed.

It's often best to visit an Apple Service Provider or an Apple Authorized Store that specializes in iPhone repairs. They guarantee quality repair services using only genuine Apple parts and expert tools. However, this is also the most expensive option.

Cracked glass phone screen repair cost in singapore

iPhone-ModellPrice in Singapore
iphone 6s30 $
iphone 6 plus30 $
iPhone 740 $
iphone 7plus40 $
iPhone 840 $
iPhone 8 plus60 $
iPhone X70 $
iPhone XR50 $
iPhone XS100 $
iPhone XSmax130 $
iPhone 11120 $
iPhone 11 pro180 $
iPhone 11 Pro Max200 $
iPhone 12 Mini250 $
iPhone 12/12 Pro270 $
iPhone 12 Pro Max290 $

Can iPhone Cracked Glass Fix Itself?

Cracked glass on an iPhone can be fixed, but it takes a lot of patience and precision. The first step is to try a few different methods to get rid of the cracks, including using warm water and a soft cloth.

If that doesn't work, you may need to use special tools like a heat gun or air compressor.

And finally, if all else fails, consider hiring the professionals listed above who can repair your phone screen by replacing the entire LCD assembly.

Although each of these options comes with its own risks and costs, repairing or replacing your iPhone screen is probably the best option for you.

In any case, be careful when handling broken glass – accidents happen!

LCD Phone Screen Repair Cost in Singapore

iPhone-ModellPrice in Singapore
iPhone 630 $
iphone 6 plus35 $
iphone 6s40 $
iphone 6 plus40 $
iPhone 740 $
iphone 7plus50 $
iPhone 850 $
iPhone 8 plus80 $
iPhone X$120 ad
iPhone XR100 $
iPhone XS$ 150 Oled-Display
iPhone XSmax$200 ad
iPhone 11130 $
iPhone 11 pro$ 230 Oled-Display
iPhone 11 Pro Max$ 280 Oled-Display
iPhone 12mini$ 200 - $ 320
iPhone 12/12 Pro220 – 340 US-Dollar
iPhone 12 Pro Max250 US-Dollar – 440 US-Dollar
iPhone 13mini340 $
iPhone 13340 $
iPhone 13 pro460 $
iPhone 13 Pro Max520 $

Can you replace your iPhone's LCD yourself?

Unfortunately, an iPhone's LCD isn't easily replaceable. While some users have managed to remove and replace their screens using a DIY approach, doing so can be risky and is not recommended by Apple.

If you manage to damage your screen in any way (including dropping it or throwing it against a hard surface), you definitely need to buy a new phone.

Have you found a reliable repair shop for your phone yet? Otherwise, these are just some of the best options you should choose.

If this is your first time getting your phone repaired, you can check online ratings and comments first to ensure you choose the best repair shop. This article can be your best guide to get started.

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