Where to sell used furniture in 2023 (13 best places) (2023)

You need cash – and fast. If you're curious about where to sell used furniture to make some extra cash, the good news is that you have plenty of options.

If you're looking for new outlets for used furniture in 2023, look no further.

Whether you're downsizing or just want to make a little extra cash for your old furniture, read on for the best tips!

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Where to sell used furniture in 2023 (13 best places) (1)

Letgo is one of the best apps for selling furniture, especially if you have furniture that is easy to photograph. You can sell on the website or in the LetGo app.

How it works?To use it, just take photos with your smartphone, upload it as an ad, and include your price and details.

It will be easy for buyers to see your item as well as future items you list, making it one of the bestwebsite to sell things.

Prices:duty free


  • The app is 100% free to use.
  • There are no seller fees and you can negotiate prices.


  • The sales market is limited to your region
  • Payments via the app are not possible.

tactics for success

The key to successfully selling furniture on Letgo is to focus on your looks. Buyers need to be able to see that your furniture is clean and in good condition, so take lots of photos in good light.

2. Facebook Market

Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to sell used furniture.

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to sell furniture. It offers a number of advantages that make it an ideal platform for selling furniture. First, it's a highly visible platform with a large user base.

This means your ads will be seen by a large number of potential buyers. Second, Facebook Marketplace provides a convenient way to list and sell furniture.

How it works?You can easily create offers and post pictures of your furniture. This makes it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for.

Follow these tips toFacebook Marketplace sale tagto maximize your profits.

Prices:No fees unless you are selling outside of the local area, in which case a 5% fee will apply


  • You can easily communicate as a buyer and seller
  • It's one of the few websites that allows you to sell locally and to a wider audience.


  • Facebook doesn't verify buyers or sellers, so it's easy to get scammed
  • You can sell outside of your region, but Facebook will charge you an additional fee on top of the shipping cost

upward trend

Over2.85 billion users, Facebook is the world's largest social media platform – and its reach is constantly growing. So this is one of the best places to sell furniture online. You will have the biggest audience!

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3. OfferUp

Offerup is a great platform to sell your obsolete furniture to people in your community. Before you list your furniture, take the time to clean it and take crisp, well-lit photos.

After creating your listing, please include all relevant information such as dimensions, condition, and delivery options.

How it works?You should set a fair price that reflects the condition and market value of the furniture. When buyers express an interest in your offer, be sure to communicate it clearly and immediately.

Prices:The service fee when shipping items is $1.99 or 12.9% of the retail price


  • The app makes it easy to take photos and sell your home furniture.
  • There are no listing fees


  • Getting your piece out there and getting sales can be difficult.
  • Each transaction incurs high shipping costs

tactics for success

Since it can be difficult to get noticed on platforms like OfferUp, it's a good idea to take great photos of your items and include as much information as possible. Provide measurements for pieces of furniture and be sure to include age, condition, etc.

4. eBay

Where to sell used furniture in 2023 (13 best places) (2)

Selling furniture on eBay gives you the potential to reach a global audience of millions of buyers.

This gives you a much better chance of finding a buyer for your item than if you sold it through a local classifieds ad or garage sale.

How it works?eBay offers both buyers and sellers a degree of protection, which can give you peace of mind when dealing with strangers.

And because eBay is an online marketplace, it's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can list your items for sale whenever you want.

In addition to the furniture, you can also look at thisThe best items you can resell for a profitor sell any of the following items:

  • clothes and shoes– Whether new or used, there is always a market for clothing. Popular brands like Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon tend to do particularly well.
  • House and garden -Everything that has to do with house and garden is always in demand on eBay. Think of kitchen utensils, tools, furniture, decorative items and more.
  • Electronic- Electronics are another hot commodity on eBay, including smartphones, laptops, cameras and gaming consoles.
  • sports and outdoor activities- Sports and outdoor gear is always popular on eBay, including golf clubs, camping gear, bikes and sporting gear are good options.

Prices:250 free listings, which is 12.9% of total sale value plus $0.30 per order


  • You reach the widest possible audience.
  • eBay lets you sell anything you want


  • Shipping large furniture can be difficult
  • eBay has strict rules and policy restrictions

5. eBid

eBid is like eBay's lesser-known cousin! This alternative has a great advantage over its competitor as their commissions are only 3%.

How it works?You can list furniture you no longer need at a flat rate or by auction, and heavy items can even be picked up locally.

You can even import items you sell on Amazon or eBay to reach more buyers, faster!

This is an intelligent methodearn money with furniture constructionin addition to selling the furniture you already have.

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upward trend

More people than ever are turning to the internet to buy all the items they need. By 2023, e-commerce retail purchases are projected to increase to aimpressive 22%of all sales worldwide. Make money selling your furniture online!

Prices:3% fee


  • Extremely easy to use with consistent rules and regulations
  • Great fee structure that is very seller friendly


  • Gets less traffic than eBay or other legacy ecommerce sites
  • Bidding wars are few, so you better start your price with exactly what you want to get out there

6. Craigsliste

When it comes to selling used furniture, Craigslist is often the first port of call for many people. After all, it's an easy way to reach a wide audience of potential buyers with just a few clicks.

Follow theseTips for Selling on Craigslistto start.

How it works?You must first create a Craigslist account. This is easy and only requires an email address. After you are logged in, you can start creating offers for your furniture.

Be sure to include clear photos and detailed descriptions as this will help potential buyers know what they are getting. Once your listing is online, anyone searching for furniture on Craigslist can see it.

If someone expresses an interest in buying, they will contact you directly to arrange a time and place to meet. At this point you can agree on a price and close the sale.

Prices:duty free


  • It's easy to sell large, high-value items
  • You don't have to worry about shipping as local meetings are conducted


  • There is no oversight for buyers or sellers, making it easy to be scammed
  • There are some legitimate safety concerns when meeting potential clients

7. Furniture finder

Where to sell used furniture in 2023 (13 best places) (3)

Furniture Finder offers a convenient way for people to get rid of their old furniture and make some extra cash in the process.

How it works?They work directly with local retailers, so you don't have to ship your furniture across the country or worry about potentially unreliable buyers. Dealers come to you!

Obviously you need to sell furniture that these dealers think they can actually resell. Some popular categories are:

  • living room furniture– This category includes sofas, loveseat, armchairs, coffee tables, side tables and media units. Customers are looking for comfortable and stylish pieces that will make their living room the ideal place.
  • bedroom furniture– This category includes beds, dressers, bedside tables and mirrors. Customers are looking for bedroom furniture that is both functional and stylish.
  • dining room furniture– This category includes dining tables, chairs, buffets and bar stools. Customers are looking for dining room furniture that is both comfortable and stylish.
  • office furniture– This category includes desks, chairs, filing cabinets and bookshelves. Customers are looking for office furniture that is both functional and stylish.

Prices:duty free


  • They work with local resellers so you don't have to send shipments
  • Only trusted dealers work with Furniture Finder, so don't worry about being scammed.


  • The furniture you sell must be of high quality.
  • This site favors sellers getting rid of office furniture, not home furniture.

8. Antiques

Do some research if you think you might want to sell your furniture to antique shops. Find out which stores in your area specialize in the type of furniture you own.

(Video) Forget eBay! Here Are 6 Better Alternatives To Sell Your Stuff Online

This will help you get the most out of your pieces. Then clean and repair your furniture before taking it to the store.

How it works?Antique dealers are more likely to bid higher if the piece is in good condition. Be ready to negotiate.

Antique dealers are experts at haggling, so don't be afraid to get the best possible price.

Prices:Depends on store (check locally)


  • They sell locally so you don't have to organize shipping.
  • You are likely to get the best possible price for vintage or antique pieces.


  • If your furniture isn't old or valuable, it's less likely to be sold.
  • It may take a while for your furniture to be appraised and then sold

9. Do you have a garage or real estate sale

Flea markets can be a fun way to socialize and make some money, but they can also be a lot of work to set up and manage.

How it works?Make sure your furniture is clean and in good condition. Potential buyers are more interested in pieces that look well cared for.

Second, give each piece of furniture a price that reflects its condition. Don't be afraid to haggle, but be sensible - you want to be sure you're getting the item's value.

Finally, be ready to negotiate. If someone offers you less than the asking price, try to counter with a lower price.

Prices:duty free


  • You can sell large amounts of furniture at once
  • No need to organize shipping or collection times


  • You're less likely to get the best prices for your furniture at a flea market, where haggling is common.
  • Conducting a garage or real estate sale is incredibly time consuming.

10. President

Where to sell used furniture in 2023 (13 best places) (4)

Chairish is an online furniture sales platform that offers a wide range of furniture styles and designs.

Whether you're looking to sell a vintage-inspired armchair or a modern coffee table, you're sure to find success at Chairish.

How it works?With Chairish's handy search filters and easy-to-use app, sellers can easily find pieces that suit their budget and style preferences.

Prices:20% on every sale


  • Selling is easy with the app
  • You get the best prices for your parts.


(Video) Must See 2023 Furniture Trend Color/ What are your thoughts?

  • Only your chances of selling vintage or boho style furniture here are high.
  • Chairish takes a 20% commission

11. Route 66 furniture

Route 66 Furniture bills itself as "the easy way to buy and sell furniture" - and we agree!

How it works?All you have to do is take some clear photos of your item and send them to Route 66. They will take care of it (within just 1 business day!) and coordinate a pickup time.

You get half the profit when you sell, but you don't have to do the selling, listing, or shipping the items yourself.

Prices:50% on every sale


  • Uploading photos and arranging a sale is easy with the site.
  • Selling is quick and convenient—Route 66 coordinates pickup times


  • If your item doesn't sell within 30 days, Route 66 may reduce the price by 50%.
  • If you don't sell within 60 days, your item will not be listed.

12. Etsy

If you're selling handmade or vintage furniture, Etsy is the place to go to get the most money for your furniture.

How it works?The pieces must be unique and you must take your own photos and create your own listings. However, for high-quality pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind, selling on Etsy is the way to go.

Prices:$0.20 per item


  • Low listing fees
  • Great place to sell vintage or homemade furniture


  • You can only sell handmade or vintage items
  • There are loyalty and brand image issues that can come into play when listing your furniture.

13. Books

Where to sell used furniture in 2023 (13 best places) (5)

Would you like to have a garage sale... without the hassle of actually having a garage sale? Bookoo is the way to go.

Essentially a social media platform in disguise, this platform allows you to connect with other buyers to reach more sellers in your area.

How it works?It's a bit like Craigslist, but even more hyper-local. There is also a sense of community with the message boards and forums.

Prices:no listing, selling or shipping fees


  • It's like a flea market but without all the work.
  • You can contact local sellers, so you don't have to arrange shipping


  • They only reach a very limited local audience
  • There is no protection for buyers or sellers in this app


So there you have it – thirteen places to sell your used furniture in 2023. And if you are looking for a faster sale, be sure to try one of the online platforms or classifieds sites.

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Where to sell used furniture in 2023 (13 best places)? ›

Chairish is a site specifically for listing high-end furniture, but you could also try sites like OfferUp, Bonanza, Facebook Marketplace, ArtDeco, 1dibs, or Oodle. These sites all allow you to include an advertisement and accompanying photos. They are accessible to buyers outside of your community.

What is the best way to sell second hand furniture? ›

If your goal is to sell something quickly, here are your 15 best options for used furniture marketplaces:
  1. Apartment Therapy Marketplace.
  2. Bonanza.
  3. Bookoo.
  4. Chairish.
  5. Craigslist.
  6. 1st Dibs.
  7. eBay.
  8. Etsy.
May 18, 2023

Is there a website to sell high end furniture? ›

Chairish is a site specifically for listing high-end furniture, but you could also try sites like OfferUp, Bonanza, Facebook Marketplace, ArtDeco, 1dibs, or Oodle. These sites all allow you to include an advertisement and accompanying photos. They are accessible to buyers outside of your community.

Can I sell furniture on Etsy? ›

If you're looking for a marketplace to sell furniture, Etsy is a great option. With a large and engaged audience, you can reach buyers for your furniture. You can also set your own price, offer custom furniture, and get started quickly and easily.

Where can I sell used furniture online in Canada? ›

Kijiji is Canada's favourite place to sell used furniture. Kijiji makes it easy to upload a high-quality listing that will get plenty of attention.

How to sell furniture to downsize? ›

Online marketplaces to safely sell items from a downsize
  1. Chairish (chairish.com). ...
  2. Ruby Lane (rubylane.com). ...
  3. Reverb (reverb.com). ...
  4. Swappa (swappa.com). ...
  5. Sell Max (sellmax.com). ...
  6. 5Miles (5miles.com).
Apr 29, 2019

Is selling second hand furniture profitable? ›

Selling used furniture can be a very lucrative business. Thanks to popular shows like Fixer Upper, people love redoing their living spaces and always looking for the perfect piece to fit in a new room. But not everyone has the time or ability to repurpose furniture so they look for these special pieces for sale.

Who is the most successful furniture retailer? ›

The largest furniture company in the U.S. is Berkshire Hathaway with an annual revenue of $302.89 billion in 2022. IKEA is the second largest with an annual revenue of $44.6 billion, followed by Ashley HomeStore with a revenue of $10.3 billion. How many furniture stores are there in the U.S.?

How do you determine the value of furniture? ›

Contact a major auction house, such as Sotheby's or Christie's, for value lookups on extremely rare or valuable antique furniture. Check websites such as Antique Trader where information of events offering free antique appraisal information is posted.

How to sell furniture online without getting scammed? ›

So here are six surefire tips to avoid getting ripped off when you're selling your stuff online:
  1. Keep your personal information personal. ...
  2. Meet in a public place. ...
  3. Look for safety in numbers. ...
  4. Personal checks, cashier's checks, wire transfers, or money orders mean trouble. ...
  5. Sell locally. ...
  6. Listen to your gut.
May 2, 2019

What does Etsy charge to sell items? ›

Etsy charges a listing fee and a transaction fee for every item you sell on the site. When looking at how much Etsy takes per sale, you'll find that you pay $0.20 for each item you list, and a 6.5% transaction fee for every sale.

Can I sell furniture on marketplace? ›

Selling furniture on Facebook Marketplace is a great way to make a quick buck. Whether you are trying to get rid of something that you no longer use, or you want to sell something that you found at the thrift store to make a profit, Facebook Marketplace is an excellent way to sell used furniture.

How much does it cost to sell furniture on Etsy? ›

You will be charged a listing fee of $0.20 USD for each item that you list for sale on Etsy.com or Etsy's mobile apps. For items already listed on your Etsy shop, there are no additional listing fees to list items on your Pattern site.

Can you sell used furniture on Amazon? ›

Yes, absolutely. You simply need to ensure that your furniture is in good condition and meets all of Amazon's criteria for selling used items, as well as upload clear photos of your furniture to gain customer trust and clarity.

Can I take furniture from US to Canada? ›

When you're relocating to Canada, you're allowed to bring most household belongings with you. However, there are rules and regulations to determine what things will or won't have a duty fee. Generally, most privately owned items like books, linens, furniture, clothing and other personal possessions are duty-free.

Can I buy furniture from US to Canada? ›

Customs regulations: When you're shipping furniture from the US to Canada, you'll need to have all the necessary paperwork. It includes a detailed inventory of what you're shipping and any required customs forms. Make sure you have everything in order before sending your shipment, or you may face delays (or worse).

How do I get rid of a house full of stuff? ›

Clearing out the rest:
  1. Clean out and toss broken items. Go through the house room by room and clean out the clutter. ...
  2. Host an estate sale. One of the most profitable ways to clear out your parent's house is to hold an estate sale. ...
  3. Donate items that are left.
Aug 12, 2019

Should I sell my furniture or give it away? ›

Selling your stuff is only worth it if you make a decent profit. It'll take more time than you realize to price and ship your items. If you don't have the time or your items aren't worth a whole lot, donating is always a great option.

How do you deal with large furniture? ›

5 Ways to Get Rid of Large Furniture before Moving
  1. 1 – Try to Sell it.
  2. 2 – Give it to A Friend.
  3. 3 – Donate it to Charity.
  4. 4 – Offer it on Freecycle.org.
  5. 5 – Haul it to the Dump.

What is the best color to flip furniture? ›

Beige is a safe color to use when flipping furniture to sell. That is because it goes with so many styles so you aren't ruling anyone out when doing a piece in a beige color. Some other colors like yellow, blue, green, etc. might be more specific and may take a bit longer to sell. What is this?

What is the average profit on furniture? ›

Typically, the average markup of furniture ranges from 20% to 50% based on the furniture's wholesale cost. Furniture retailers use markup to cover their operating costs including employee salaries, rent, utilities, marketing costs, and other overheads, while leaving a portion for profit.

What is flipping furniture? ›

Here's how flipping works: Furniture flippers find an old piece of furniture, fix any issues with it, and add paint, stain, or even new hardware. Then, they re-sell at a profit. Here's everything you need to know if you've been thinking about trying a flip for yourself.

What furniture is bought the most? ›

See the top 10 most popular furniture pieces we're snapping up for our homes below:
  2. RATTAN FURNITURE SET. See: Six key bathroom trends for autumn 2020, according to Victoria + Albert.
  7. 24 HOUR CHAIR.
  8. HOME BAR.
Jun 28, 2020

Who is the largest seller of furniture? ›

Started in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA has been the world's largest furniture retailer since 2008.

What percentage should you sell used furniture? ›

We generally encourage sellers to list used furniture at about 20 – 50% of the original retail price since furniture is very much like any other depreciable asset. One exception: pieces that are part of a unique or special collection because they tend to lose value once they're taken from their retail location.

How expensive should furniture be? ›

One rule of thumb you can use to set a furniture budget is figuring your baseline monthly spending needs and multiplying that figure by three. For example, if your regular budget after buying the home will total $4,000 a month, you'd multiply by three to get $12,000.

How much is real wood furniture worth? ›

The average price of solid wood furniture can range anywhere from $299 – $5,000 depending on the size, craftsmanship, and materials. Furniture made out of solid wood will last much longer than furniture built with veneers, plastic, or particleboard.

Where is the best place to meet to sell items? ›

Buying/Selling Safely

If there is not a registered SafeExchangePoint location near you, we recommend meeting at a local police station lobby or parking lot, bank lobby, coffee shop or even a hotel lobby.

What is the safest form of payment when selling online? ›

What is the safest way to accept payment? Besides cash, a certified check is the safest way you can receive a payment to your business.

How do you know if a seller is scamming you? ›

Fake payments and bogus refund requests

When it comes time to pay, they insist on paying through a mobile payment app. They send you a fake payment notification and hope you send the item before you realize it's a scam. Or they say there was an issue with the payment they sent.

What are the Etsy selling fees for 2023? ›

2. Etsy transaction fees. According to the changes made to Etsy seller fees in April 2023, each time you sell something on Etsy, you have to pay a transaction fee of 6.5% of the total sales price.

How much does eBay take per sale 2023? ›

If you want to sell products on eBay in 2023, you aren't alone. eBay has millions of sellers all willing to put up with the fees for selling that eBay offers. But how much does it cost to sell on eBay? eBay sellers pay an average of 10% of their product's value.

Is there a monthly fee on Etsy? ›

Etsy Standard: Available to all sellers at no additional monthly cost. This is the default for all sellers. Etsy Plus: USD $10/month. Note: Pricing is billed in USD, so the amount in your currency may vary based on changes in the exchange rate.

What is not allowed on Marketplace? ›

Not a real item: Anything that isn't a physical product for sale. For example, “in search of” posts, lost and found posts, jokes and news aren't allowed. Services: Selling services (example: house cleaning) on Marketplace isn't allowed.

What type of furniture sells best on Facebook Marketplace? ›

1. Furniture. One of the absolute best things to sell on Facebook Marketplace is furniture, including new and used sets or individual pieces. This one may seem obvious, but most people will only take the time to sell large furniture items on Facebook Marketplace (i.e. Dining sets, beds, couches, dressers.)

How often does Etsy pay you? ›

If you're a new seller, by default your funds will be sent to your bank account weekly, every Monday. You can view or change your deposit schedule: On Etsy.com, click Shop Manager.

Does Etsy pay before you ship? ›

Does Etsy Pay For Shipping? In most cases, buyers pay for the shipping as the shipping costs are added on the price of the product. Most Etsy shops charge an extra, separate shipping fee on top of the product price.

Does Etsy charge a shipping fee? ›

You are charged a delivery transaction fee on Etsy. This was introduced in 2018, and is a 5% charge on delivery costs on top of the other fees you pay to use the platform. Essentially, it means that your 5% transaction fee covers the entire cost of the order - the listing price and the shipping.

What is Amazon used very good? ›

Used – Very Good: An item that is in great condition, but shows signs of limited use. Item should have no markings or damage, and should work like new, but may have some faint signs of wear. Used – Good: An item that shows wear-and-tear, but works like new, and is in good condition.

How to sell second hand items online? ›

How to sell second hand items
  1. Choose the right platform. There are many online platforms you can use to sell your pre-loved items. ...
  2. Clean and prepare your items. ...
  3. Set a fair price. ...
  4. Write a detailed description. ...
  5. List your items for sale. ...
  6. Promote your items. ...
  7. Communicate with potential buyers. ...
  8. Ship your items.
Mar 14, 2023

Can I sell stuff from around my house on Amazon? ›

Does Amazon Allow Used Goods to Be Sold on the Platform? Yes. Whether you're selling items you found in a garage sale or from your own house after a declutter, Amazon allows sellers to sell used products. In fact, some people make a living just by selling used books on Amazon.

What is not allowed to bring into Canada? ›

Restricted and prohibited goods

Prohibited goods include: cannabis. food, plants, animals and related products that pose a risk to Canada. endangered species and anything made from the parts or endangered species (these can be found in some souvenirs)

How much money can I bring to Canada as a permanent resident? ›

There are no restrictions on the amount of money you can bring into or take out of Canada, nor is it illegal to do so. However, any time you cross the border, you must declare any currency or monetary instruments you have in your possession that are valued at CAN$10,000 or more.

Can you bring groceries into Canada from the US? ›

Travellers coming into Canada can carry food with them for their own personal use, provided the food is imported within the specified personal exemption limits of the Safe Food for Canadian Regulations and there are no restrictions in place under other federal legislation, such as the Health of Animals Act or the Plant ...

What is the shopping limit from USA to Canada? ›

Goods must be in your possession and reported at time of entry to Canada. If the value of the goods you are bringing back exceeds CAN$800, duties and taxes are applicable only on amount of the imported goods that exceeds CAN$800.

Can I buy furniture in Mexico and bring it to the US? ›

If you are crossing the border with furniture you purchased abroad, you will have to declare items on a CBP Declaration From 6059B, which is available at the port of entry. Also, this form can be filled out online prior to your travel and then printed and taken with you as your official Customs Declaration.

Can a US citizen shop in Canada? ›

You can claim goods up to CAN$200 without paying any duty and taxes. You must have the goods with you when you enter Canada, and tobacco products or alcoholic beverages are not included in this amount. If you bring in goods worth more than CAN$200, you have to pay full duty and taxes on the total amount.

Where is the best place to sell custom furniture? ›

Etsy. Etsy is a great platform for selling all homemade furniture, but especially homemade furniture with a unique flair. Creative, custom items thrive on Etsy. Here, you can add individual listings to your Etsy store, which is a page dedicated to your homemade furniture.

What is the value of the luxury furniture market? ›

USD 21.43 billion

What is the markup on high end furniture? ›

How much is furniture marked up? The markup on furniture is the difference between the retail price of a product and its wholesale cost. Typically, the average markup of furniture ranges from 20% to 50% based on the furniture's wholesale cost.

How do you sell things to people? ›

How to Sell Anything to Any Audience
  1. Identify your target market. Selling is all about knowing what motivates people. ...
  2. Do your research. ...
  3. Connect with the buyer personally. ...
  4. Ask lots of questions. ...
  5. Keep the focus on the customer. ...
  6. Find their core motivation. ...
  7. Know your consumer psychology. ...
  8. Make them feel something.

Can I sell furniture on Marketplace? ›

Selling furniture on Facebook Marketplace is a great way to make a quick buck. Whether you are trying to get rid of something that you no longer use, or you want to sell something that you found at the thrift store to make a profit, Facebook Marketplace is an excellent way to sell used furniture.

What is resale value of furniture? ›

You can expect to sell your furniture for 20-50 percent of what you paid for it. You can list your items for more if they are in excellent condition (never used) and will have to list them for less if they are damaged or worn.

What makes old furniture valuable? ›

The Materials. One of the reasons why the value of antique furniture and vintage furniture is so high is because of the great quality of the materials they are often made of (e.g. solid walnut, oak, etc).

How much should you mark down used furniture? ›

The easiest way to come up with a price is to slash 20% from the price you bought it for. This is considered industry standard, and is a reasonable guide for quality used furniture.

What is the profit on sofas? ›

The profit margin on sofas is large and can be as high as 50 percent. If you are thinking of making sofas to add an income stream to your work, build a new business, or are just pricing out new furniture, the markup can be high.

What is standard designer markup on furniture? ›

The percent that you establish goes on top of the project costs, 30-45% is typical in interior design fees.

How to sell furniture I flip? ›

Facebook Marketplace is one of the most popular platforms to sell flipped furniture pieces. You have the option of selling locally or shipping your furniture pieces on FBMP. Craigslist: Craigslist is another easy platform to sell on.

How to price furniture to sell online? ›

When thinking about pricing your item, consider its characteristics: age, condition, brand, and of course, your time of sale. We generally encourage sellers to list used furniture at about 20 – 50% of the original retail price since furniture is very much like any other depreciable asset.


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Introduction: My name is Van Hayes, I am a thankful, friendly, smiling, calm, powerful, fine, enthusiastic person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.